Keyshia Cole’s Song ‘Could End Up’ Getting Major Love

keyshia_cole.jpgWell, color me surprised. It seems as though Keyshia Cole has teamed up with producer The ARE to create quite a banger of a track. From her new album, A Different Me, not only does this beat fit her voice and doesn't have her relying on abhorrent theatrics, but the track is a nice mid-tempo dance groove that will get dance floors heated at the upcoming bevy of Chrismahannukahkwanzaa and New Years' parties that we'll all be subjected to in the upcoming weeks. Be sure to get your two-step on and lift up your spiked egg nog to this one. [H/T: RIK]

Keyshia Cole: "Where This Love Could End Up"

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10 Responses

  1. Such a beautiful and talented sista, ruined by senseless tattoo's and personal drama (crazy ass kin folk) This is a banging ass track but I am not buying her album, now I will download a few joints and continue to pray for her crazy ass kin folk:)

  2. I like!!! She should work with this producer more often if this is going to be the result.

  3. Love her voice. But not this song, it has no downbeat. I keep waiting for it. The whole song sounds like an intro. But I'm sure happy she's not killing me with depressing lyrics like she usually does.

  4. @lilac: You're right. It does sound like a loop of an intro, and it never really climaxes to a worthy transition. For what it is, it's not bad, but it probably coulda been so much more.

  5. i luv keyshia ur my role model so caring im i want to be like u

  6. *looks below* Aww Soul Bounce luh the kids 🙂
    Okay, I have to say I actually like this. Who knew?
    Senseless tattoos. Ha! Yea I was thinking the same thing. This pic just turns me off right away. But I got past it and glad I did.

  7. It is nice and upbeat for her...definitely downloadable.

  8. This song is the SHIZNIT!!!!

  9. Love the picture over all!
    Love the Tattoo's especially!
    Keyshia's beautiful regardless
    of the tattoos!
    Rockk On! Love Yur Music!ツ

  10. hey keisha i love your music especially thrust you rock gal in kenya n we love you keep on rockin us with ya hits