Morning Soul: Got the Sweet, Sweet Victory

  • Looks like Cupid's arrow finally hit Kangol Kid of UTFO and The Real Roxanne. Get a room, you two! [AAB]
  • VIBE magazine's January "tabloid issue" has us wondering exactly just what purpose this will serve the general public. [VIBE]
  • Thought Dwele singing about McCoffee was interesting? Peep T.I.'s take on NBC's signature 3 note chime. [NR]
  • Miss Jack Davey looks especially fetching as she coyly puts us on to J*DaVeY's new video for "Sloooow." [EMJD]
  • Jazmine Sullivan was ready to burst at the knowledge of her five Grammy nominations. Congrats! [UD]

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7 Responses

  1. can someone answer me this: what the hell happened to VIBE Magazine? it seems that in the wake of the new media takeover, print magazines of all kinds have just given up on having quality content. VIBE used to be a must-read. this is sad.

  2. That Vibe cover looks too much like the Enquirer. There's already far too many fashion ads in the magazine, and not enough music articles, now they're doing a gossipy type of edition?

  3. @dar: I let my subscription lapse years ago. I loved when Vibe's focus was mainly music, then it sorta shifted to sort of a fashion magazine with very few music articles, now I don't know what to think.

  4. Jazmine: You go lil mama!!!!
    T.I.: That was odd, but interesting.
    Vibe: Time of Death 10:58 a.m.

  5. i wish there were more magazines that just stuck to one thing. when i want to read about fashion, i'll do that. same for films. i want a magazine that's devoted solely to music.

  6. The last time VIBE did a cover like this, I sent them a long a** email stating how much they've fallen off. VIBE USED to be my source for R&B/Soul/HipHop. For me, it was once the Rolling Stone for Urban music, for Black folks' music. Now it's just another Hip Hop Weekly when they pull 'covers' like this ISH right here!!!
    I am SO DAMNED THRILLED for Jazmine Sullivan! I love, love, love her album and wish her nothing but the best. I hope she wins at least two of these she's been nominated for. She's amazing! 🙂

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    The folks at VIBE officially need to get a life for this one..what even made them think the readers who loved the magazine for what it WAS wanted to buy this ish??! Whose idea was that and how did it even get past editorial meetings to get published?! And I didn't get to post on the Grammy nomination post you guys did last week, but AMEN for those nominations, I'm so glad real R&B gets to shine for once..Definitely good luck to Jazmine, I'm so excited for her!!