Morning Soul: Long As I Live You’ll Always Be

  • It's official. Aretha Franklin will be one of a wonderful mix of artists performing at next month's Presidential Inauguration. [NYT]
  • Go behind the scenes of Kindred the Family Soul's music video for their latest single, "House of Love." [HB]
  • American Idol alum Melinda Doolittle's album cover is an homage to a Bob Dylan classic. Nice touch. [VARIETY]
  • Diddy's at it again. This time, he wants all the fellas to enter his "I Am King" contest. Color me scared. [WH]
  • Akon finally admits to throwing a fan from the stage at a 2007 concert, pleads guilty and gets community service. Great. [XXL]

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4 Responses

  1. I pray to GOD Aretha doesn't show up looking a hot mess

  2. Lawd, I remember seeing Aretha at Bill Clinton's first inauguration and they told everybody not to wear furs because it would offend PETA. So what did Aretha do? She wore a damn fur. I'm almost afraid to see what she's gonna wear at Obama's inauguration.

  3. @Soulrific: A necklace with the skulls of her enemies.

  4. 1. I miss Keke.
    2. The new Kindred is DOPE.
    3. Akon missed this bullet, but when that drug indictment finally comes through his little life will spiral downward.
    4. If I never hear about Diddy again it would be too soon.