Morning Soul: Love Takes No Less Than Everything

  • With 10 days left before Christmas, make yours a Ghostface one. [DK]
  • Some were not impressed with Kanye's SNL performance with its alpine backdrop & karaoke stylings. [GWKR]
  • Wondering if Phonte was one of those kids that terrorized Miss Celie in The Color Purple? Take a look. [MS]
  • Turns out Common always had aspirations of being Hollywood's go-to bit-part actor. Sort of. Not really. [RR]
  • When old school Hip Hop and Legos come together, it's ones of the cutest things ever. [FM]

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5 Responses

  1. haha @ Phonte. this is a revelation right up there with finding out A. Keys was on the "The Cosby Show."
    i wonder if he was the one who said "it's gon' rain on yo head!"

  2. Thanks so much for the Vanessa Williams song! I used to LOVE this song! Awesome, awesome. I didn't want SNL, but heard Kanye's performance was off the charts....BAD. LOL.

  3. i love this song... it's so beautiful. thanks soulbounce!!

  4. I didn't watch the whole episode, but the 30 seconds of each song I could muster were wretched! Don't know why he really thought he should do it with no electronic assistance, but it was a BAD idea...really bad.....


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