Morning Soul: So Addicted

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  1. Common's concern shouldn't be with that album cover - it should be with the 100% TRASH that's on that record!!! OMG this album is HORRIBLE!

  2. Beyonce better then Tina???? come on Beyonce cant even shave her arm pits before going out (check out the TMZ photos) I am sick of these artist who have been out 24 hours comparing themselves to legends. One hot solo album and marrying a rap star does not make one a legend. As for Common, he has fallen off completely him and Kanye will prbably come out of the closer any day now now and admit they are "REALLY-REALLY" good friends:)

  3. Common = Epic FAIL
    Really REALLY sucks about Teedra & Tweet!
    What about Syleena? Please release that album!

  4. Syleena's album will have a digital release on iTunes December 23, 2008. The CD will be out in January 2009.

  5. And I am sorry about Tamia, Teedra, Tweet. 🙁

  6. @ OldSkoolSista
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed, for real! Thanks for the info! =)

  7. You just posted some BeBe and CeCe. I love this site.


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