SoulBounce Honors 2008’s Man of the Year: Phonte

This week, we at SoulBounce would like to introduce to you to those people, places and things that captured our hearts and minds this past year. The SoulBounce Honors seeks to bring recognition to those that may have fallen short of the radar that popular culture chose to ignore. For us, and hopefully for you too, these are the gems that made life a bit sweeter this year. That being said, we would like to honor the inimitable Phonte Coleman.

Phonte has proven himself to be the hardest working man in show business this year. Not only had he managed to drop an album that had all of us '80s babies shrieking with excitement, Zo! & Tigallo Love The 80's, but he also managed to release one of the best albums of this year and in several years past, Leave It All Behind. Waxing poetic about the mature love featured on that album with cohort Nicolay could last all day, and hopefully this glowing review did suffice. It's no wonder that cuts from this album made it onto the Top 10 lists of nearly every editor on SoulBounce. And let's not forget the veritable sideswipe that took us all by surprise when a certain Jazzanova track had us all two-stepping in the name of love.

But one also has to wonder how someone who so reveres the soul music that he helps to create is able to change channels and find the vein to drop bombs as part of hip-hop duo Little Brother? Is it due to his unflappable humor that we all giggled to when listening to his Gordon Gartrell Radio podcast with DJ Brainchild on the ones and twos? Is it due to the fact that he was born to perform? Is it due to the fact that he is one of the humblest and funniest industry cats we know? It is all of these things and more that makes Phonte SoulBounce's Man of the Year. It is truly an honor to award him with this accolade. So, while we have no trophy or trinket to present to him, hopefully our hearts and continued awe will do. Thank you, Phonte, for making our adoration of contemporary soul and hip-hop music that much easier to love. And for reminding us all that the music will never, ever stop as long as you're around.

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26 Responses

  1. was there ever any doubt? Phonte is a hustler if i ever saw one.

  2. Well deserved!!!

  3. Very deserving! Phonte is almost single handedly carrying the torch these days when it comes to that pitch perfect blend of Hip-Hop & Soul. I love his whispery, two-steppin' soulfilled melodies & I'm always feenin' for his next song or album (like a fix!) This is all done with just the right touch of class & humor that's genuinally funny. In my opinion, nobody else is doin' it better right now.
    ...Unless you count Dwele's "McCafe" ad.

  4. *drops to knees*
    Seriously, thanks so much. It means alot, y'all.
    I sincerely appreciate the support from the whole staff at Soulbounce and look forward to droppin more music in the coming year to help you guys get through your days.
    Wishing you all a safe, blessed, and prosperous New Year,

  5. *looks below and swoons*
    VERY well written Mami. You did the renaissance man justice. I just hope a comedy album is in the works for '09. I'm sayin.

  6. Phonte, I'm loving you and everything that you do. My 23 yr old son introduced me to you several years ago. My day would not be complete if I didn't start it out with you. Thank you and may you continue to be blessed!

  7. Daaaamn, who knew Tig was in the Color Purple too?! LMAO@that pic. No wonder his music resonates. Big up that Carolina love! SC here!

  8. "So, while we have no trophy or trinket to present to him"
    I mean ....... not even like movie tickets or nothing? LOL
    Great piece y'all. CONGRATS Tay, that Jazzanova track is my shit!

  9. NC is in the building! Keep making great soul music and continuing our great music legacy down here

  10. Carolina in the building!!! I am so proud of him representing and I can tell from listening to him that he loves and respects the craft. Love me some Phonte!!

  11. I can get with this selection but you have to look at the big picture, what does this say about R&B? a rapper is the best R&B cat....All the R&B cats have got to be shaking thier heads:) I only hope that Phonte doesnt get all big headed and decide that he is too good for rap. There I said it....................

  12. To the contrary stoney, I believe that most "R&B cats" respect and love the Soul music that Phonte has created. I mean, when you think about it, how many R&B cats try to rap at some point in one of their songs? And to bring it back to the essence, how many pioneering rap acts both rhymed and sang their lyrics. Treacherous Three, Curtis Blow, Furious Five were all acts that at the very least were sing-songy in their approach to their music.
    On another note, I would have expected that this post garner something of a celebratory nature. I just want to extend Phonte another hearty congratulations on a great 2008 whether it be Hip Hop, R&B or otherwise.

  13. I am a big Andre 3000 fan and think that he is the most talented cat in music today, but one cant argue that phonte has put himself in a position of power with the music that he drops. You cant ride to many albums from beginning to end, but he has created a CD that to me is slept on by america. Soulbounce did a great job of recognizing PHONTE!!!!

  14. Oh yes! Phonte is THAT dude, and is much deserving on this award. He wears so many hats, I can't keep up. He's everywhere, lol.
    Good looking SoulBounce!
    Constantly keeping FE and LB on repeat, on the iPod and at home. And his podcast is the funniest ish I've EVER heard.

  15. Phonte is that collabo dude right now! If he's on the track, it's a banger.

  16. Congrats Phonte!!!!!! I'm lovin your music, its real and timeless!
    Thanks SoulBounce for giving REAL MUSIC proper recognition, it was you guys who introduced me to Phonte and his musical genius!!!
    Keep on keepin on Phonte!!!

  17. Phonte always delivers the goods on any track he blesses. Most can't hold a flame to the kid! The best part is that he a cool dude in person as well...

  18. I love me some Phontigallo! Much respect to Phonte, he definitely did his thing this year, and I'm sure there is more to come. Not a day goes by where I don't listen to LIAB. Thanks SB for puttin me on!

  19. My poor husband just recently found LB and has been kicking hisself in the arse ever since!!! Congrats, Phonte, on this well-deserved honor! You are the ONE, and we are blessed to have you quench our thirst for the new and original!
    Much love...

  20. I'm a lil' late to the SB end of the year coverage for 2008 -- but, let me lay down the fact that I appreciate it a lot. You cats have been steady grinding for 2008 and it shows. Keep up the solid work, the presentation, and the flavor. I have no doubt SB will have it on lock in 2009 as well. Be easy and stay blessed.

  21. Excellent choice!!!! Phonte is one the unrecognized greatest in the hip hop industry. Little Brother , Zo and Tigallo, Foreign Exchange, Gordon Gartrell Radio....this man does not stop with the hot rhymes and smooth melodies. Congratulations Phonte!!!