Which of These Tracks Passes the SoulBounce Sniff Test?

Hello SB fam. Hope everyone has had their fair helping of turkey--jive and otherwise. Here are a few tracks that hit the 'net while we were all stuffing our faces. First up is a new Common joint with Cee-Lo called "Make My Day." I have nothing to say. I've pre-judged Common before and regretted it later. (Needless to say, about 2 or 3 more Common UMC tracks leaked since this was drafted and they are all.... special.) Next up is the always reliable Jean Grae with the all-too brief "Mean Jean (Birthday Edition)." Umm, happy belated. Then we have Ryan Leslie and R&B's go-to rapper Jadakiss with the "How It's Supposed To Be" remix. And finally some WIN (?) with Scarface's "Can't Get Right" featuring the object of Aunt Viv's stalkery, Bilal. God help me, I need another Foreign Exchange album stat! [IR/O2N/FADER/2DB]

Common feat Cee-Lo: "Make My Day"

Jean Grae: "Mean Jean (Birthday Edition)"

Ryan Leslie feat. Jadakiss: "How It's Supposed To Be (Remix)"

Scarface feat. Bilal: "Can't Get It Right"

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7 Responses

  1. Damn must be a sloooow day in music because none of these are passing the sniff test. If it looks like sh** and it smells like sh** then guess what? it probably IS sh** 🙂 on a side bar Common has lost his metrosexual mind, Bilal is showing up in a lot of remixes, why isnt he focusing on dropping his own sh** ?

  2. Ok here I go:
    1. Common-This song made me scratch my head. This mess sound like it came off the Electric Circus album. Man u can do better.
    2. Jean Grae- What can I say pure fiyahh!!! Even though it was like 10 seconds lond
    3. Ryan Leslie- First of all Jadakiss. That baby cry you do need to stop. You are a Grown Ass Man!!! It is not a hot look.... Ryan no offense or disrespect, but you sound like every male signer to me. There is nothing special about-sorry 🙁
    4. Scarface- As Whitney Houston once sang III Always Loved You!!!! Man I been down with you since 90, 91, 92 what!!!!! This is a nice track and to have Bilal on the song is like adding seasoning to the meat. Love it

  3. Did someone say Bilal?! Yes indeed! And it sounds so sweet.
    Oh and Bilal has situations and complications that prevent him from releasing his own sh*t right now.
    Common: No, just no. All kinds of wrong.
    Jean Grae: Me likey.
    And I don't really care about Ryan Leslie. Who is he? Should I?

  4. Common: NO baby, don't do this to me!!!! I do NOT like this track. I'm just not feeling the latest joints I've been hearing, but I will still buy the CD.
    Jean: HOT-HOTNESS!!! Go Jean, I've been down for a minute.
    Ryan Leslie: Ummm...not a fan, at all but I love some Jadakiss, so it gets a slight pass, although, I'll probably never listen to this song again.
    Scarface: OOOOH Wee...I loves it, Scarface and Bilal on the same track what's not to love.

  5. Dear Common, your album BLOWS stale bubble gum! I mean, c'mon...are you SERIOUS?

  6. Dear Santa,
    I have tried and tried to be good this year .... however you still choose to punish me with sh*t music ... please explain!!!
    Okay so the Jean Grae was def not bad but waaaaaay too short. And Bilal + Scarface = undecided (I LOVE some Bilal but just not feeling the track at all). Commons track is awful (now he SHOULD have some Bilal on his album however current tracklistings show no sign).

  7. Please give me some more of that Ryan Leslie/Jadakiss track!!!