A B.I.G. Deal? It’s Beginning To Look Like It

notorious_poster.jpgAre you excited yet? Are you pumped up? It's t-minus two days and counting until the official big screen release of the Fox Searchlight film Notorious. We'll be the first to admit that this project was met with great, great skepticism, especially when the casting was announced last year. But then something happened. The behind-the-scenes clips from the set started showing up online. And suddenly, we stopped shaking our heads and started bobbing them instead. Our collective side-eye stopped twitching when the extended trailer surfaced, and shots of 1990s Brooklyn, the beats that defined the era, and Biggie's smooth vocals flooded our laptops. I mean, do we wish Angela Bassett would've at least tried to channel Voletta Wallace's Jamaican accent? Of course. And do we really believe Anthony Mackie as Tupac? Nope. But even that's not enough to curb our enthusiasm over what could be a pretty B.I.G. deal. Even Lil Kim's latest shenanigans can't shake us.

One thing's for sure, Fox Searchlight is all in, spending significant marketing dollars to back the film, placing multiple commercials during prime time on the major networks. Check the video below, as some of the major players, including Diddy, Ms. Wallace, Mary J. Blige, Mark Pitts and Jadakiss (and his gum...SMH)
spoke to MTV cameras at last week's New York premiere. Hell, even when Diddy says that the film exceeded all expectations, and that if it were wack, people that have seen it would've killed it already, that's not so unbelievable. Since B.I.G. is clearly a favorite here at SBHQ, all of us will probably check the film at some point this weekend. Let us know if you plan on doing the same. [MTV]

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  1. I don't think I'll be able to get out my front door much less to the theatre. But it's ON next weekend. I'll be front and center.
    If you're gonna be in NYC and not here, gonna need you to report live on the scene from BK.

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    I too would really like to know why Angela doesn't speak in Voletta Wallace's accent, especially when I read yesterday Ms. Wallace sent her an audio tape of the script so Angela could get it down pat. I'm confused, this is Anna Mae we're talkin about here! But anyway, I'm excited to see it this weekend. If I don't head for the madness in D.C., I'm thinking of trading it for the madness in BK to see the movie..

  3. I'm already behind on my movie viewing, but I will check it the following weekend....unless I spend my MLK day off at the movies *hangs head*

  4. I still think Guerilla black would have nailed this role down, although Gravy did a respectable job, but looks wise and voice wise GB could be Biggie's long lost brother

  5. Notorious surprised the hell out of me. The movie far exceeded my expectations. I even cried at the end. The casting was great, and Derek Luke had Puffy DOWN. The actress who played Faith was excellent as well and actually looked and sounded like her. Had me spitting all the lyrics in the movie theatre loud as hell. Overall, I dug it.


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