‘All Mine’ From Peter Hadar Can Be All Yours

If you missed the loveliness that was Peter Hadar's last album, Well Dressed For the Art Show, then feel free to slap yourself and be sure not to get caught sleeping when his new EP She's 4 Months drops next month. The EP is described as featuring "signature selections to set the mood for love," and it will be released on February 10th, just in time for Valentine's Day. The best part of all, She's 4 Months will cost you free99, and SB is giving you a complimentary sneak peek of one of the five songs that will be on the disc. Not your typical love song, "All Mine" is a sexy synth-heavy slice of electro soul with Peter's voice resting comfortably on top of the beat as he sings about the object of his affection. If the other songs on the EP are anything like this, then expect a baby boom later this year. Check out the provocative cover for She's 4 Months after the bounce, where you can also find a download link for this song as well.       

Peter Hadar: "All Mine"


Peter Hadar: "All Mine" [Download]

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4 Responses

  1. Been bumpin' this all week.

  2. This dude is always Dope!

  3. Sounds real good...I gotta check on this.
    Much love, SB

  4. Love this... on repeat now...


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