Blu Shows His Jazzy Side With ‘Vanity’

If there has been one consistent rapper out of all the ones out there who stay on their grind, I have to nominate Los Angeles' Blu to accept that honor. With "Vanity (DeathOfAStar) Part One," Blu lays some solid flow over a beautiful and haunting jazz loop that sounds so reminiscent of some Low End Theory-ness. Melancholy usually does not become anyone, but on this track, Blu wraps himself in it and refuses to relinquish it until the last drop is gone. Introspective and head-nod worthy, "Vanity" serves to dispel any rumors that Hip Hop as an artform is dying off with no hope in sight.

Blu: "Vanity(DeathOfAStar) Part One"

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4 Responses

  1. Unless it's Guru or the digables I aint really feeling too many cats who jump on the jazz vibe. I am not feeling this one but hey it's early in the year, mabe you got sumptin' blazin coming later:-)

  2. I respect Blu's courage to take the road less traveled in hip hop today and spitting adequate rhymes over a very jazzy beat. His lyrics weren't masterful, but they didn't suck by any means. The track is dope...very Low End-ish. What's next for him?

  3. i dig how casual he is on tracks...not always about the best lyrics. sometimes it's about letting the track flow just as much as the emcee. also, blu's new mixtape is super fresh! thanks for sharing ill mami!

  4. I've just caught on to Blu and his skills. I wondered how he would sound over a jazzy beat & this song answers that nicely. I love that track, also.


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