Help Eric Roberson Name His NEW Album!!!

Please excuse all the exclamation marks in the title of this post, but to say that I'm excited to get official news that Eric Roberson's new album is coming this year is a serious understatement. Erro recorded the following video after his hosting duties at Sol Village were done Wednesday night where he gave everyone the 411 on the upcoming project. To summarize, he didn't reach his personal goal of recording 60 songs (insert sad face here) but the new disc is coming between March and June (start happy dancing now). In addition, Erro has narrowed the proposed titles down to Music Fan and The Newness, and he needs help from his fans to choose between the two or to suggest something else equally dope. Add your two cents over at Eric's online home at Blue Erro Soul or in our comments section. 

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10 Responses

  1. Not in love with either one. But if I am forced to choose between the two I would go with Music Fan. Bascially it could be called Picking Boogers and I'd still be on it like white on rice.

  2. uhhh . . . definitely "The Newness.

  3. The smooth taste of Erro doesn't go with either, but, if that's it... Music Fan.

  4. Scratch both... how about "Raider of the Lost Art"? It is after all the name of his production outfit.....

  5. Both titles are wickety wack-wack. You not going sell much with those titles.
    Eric might want to post snippets of songs from the album and let fans get a feel of the project. Then let the fans come up with an album title.
    Otherwise, if Eric wants to go with Music Fan or The Newness, he might as well call the album -- "My R&B Album, Please Buy It."

  6. he shuld call it
    I Am...Eric Fierce

  7. cosign with Vivrant
    I don't give a damn what he names it. I just had an eyegasm reading that he has a new album dropping.
    It better be accompanied by a visit to Oakland. I havent thrown my panties on a stage in a few months and I'm startin to feel the itch lol

  8. Honest Music... should be the title or Right

  9. Thanks for posting this Butta!!! Will definitely be checking back here to see what votes are being weighed in

  10. Fillin Music fan cause thats what i am,one love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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