Jesse Boykins III Wants to See You In Your ‘Pantyhose’

A few months ago when I featured Jesse Boykins III as a Bounce-Worthy artist, his song "Pantyhose" got great feedback around these parts. So its only fitting to post the brand new video for the track, which is equally as relatable and sexy. Jesse starts off in the beauty salon as a vendor hawking pantyhose to a shop full of uninterested clients, who clearly already spent up all their loose change when the bootleg DVD man and Egyptian Musk oil seller came in before him. Undaunted, he hits the streets of NYC and winds up at a laundromat where he flirts with an attractive customer between the washers and dryers. Mixed in are scenes of Boykins in his home studio laying down some vocals and, later, laying down old girl from the laundromat while she's in her pantyhose--although I think not for very long. 


3 Responses

  1. Nice...he reminds me of Raheem DeVaughn a bit. I'm sur ehe gets that comparison frequently.

  2. One of my favorite cuts from that album.

  3. That was nice. Great song & video


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