Shawn Chrystopher Is ‘Not Really Here’ But Sam Sparro Is

shawn_sam.jpgThose of you who peeped my Top 10 Picks of 2008 know that I stan a bit hard for some Sam Sparro. While I will give love to whoever produced this track for the synth-laden groove (the high-hat was a nice touch by the way), Shawn Chrystopher's rhymes were a bit lacking. That may be the point of "Not Really Here" though. Taking its title from the refrain of "Black & Gold," the original track on its own is pretty hard-hitting and succinct, while its spawn has a slower tempo that lends itself to feeling a bit more spacious and atmospheric. Make up your own mind below.

Shawn Chrystopher feat. Sam Sparro: "Not Really Here"

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2 Responses

  1. Nice track, wack MC though. Big Pooh would have laced this joint.

  2. OH MY GOD! What did that guy do that song? Nay verily!


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