Shawn Hewitt May Be Canadian But He’s ‘Not That Different After All’

shawn_hewitt4.jpgSince learning of Canadian artist Shawn Hewitt last Fall and his latest album, Spare Hearts, with band The National Strike, I have been helplessly in love with his own brand of soulful Rock music. Listening to "We May Not Be That Different After All," I can't help but remember so many great Pop bands I rocked out to during my formative years. There's a twinge of U2's The Edge in the guitar riffs and a bit of melancholy reminiscent of Simple Minds' lead singer Jim Kerr. All of this notwithstanding, there's just a lot of genuine talent that isn't easily categorized, hence my inability to get my hands on a digital copy of this surely amazing album in the States. To quote DJ Stylus, this song for me is "all kinds of awesome." You may likely feel the same way, too. 

Shawn Hewitt: "We May Not Be That Different After All"

[Photo: Anna Keegan]

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6 Responses

  1. yo'glookin......

  2. I like it. It combines the best of all the things I loved about the sounds of the 80's.

  3. Ol' "Don't You, Forget About Me"-sounding ass lol... but ME LIKES!!! Gon have to check buddy boy's stuff out...good lookin'!

  4. "May Be Canadian"
    Why must you make a comment like that! Canada is practically sibling to the States and the talent is priceless. Look at the amount of successful Actors, Singers, Rappers from Canada. I don't think you need to single out where someone is from! The story is not about where they are from, but what they are bringing! ITS NOT WHERE YOUR FROM, BUT WHERE YOUR AT!

  5. refreshing. I enjoyed that.
    @WHY3- I don't think she was judging them, I think it was just a cute title to bounce off the title of the song. Lots of people from different countries view and comment on this site so I don't think they would try to disrepect any of their fellow music lovers, especially our brethren across the border! Canada rocks!

  6. @ coco:
    Exactly. Still trying to get to Toronto & Vancouver.


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