SoulBounce Blended & Beat Vol. 3

Happy 2009, bouncers and bouncettes! Today we present to you another installment of our "Blended & Beat" music podcast, but this time things are slightly different. We went light on the Disco and House, not that it was a point of contention with any of you, but that's simply the way the mix developed. The sounds represented here run the gamut, from the jazzy to the funky with more Hip Hop this time around. Text version of the tracklisting is after the bounce. Enjoy!

SoulBounce Blended & Beat Vol.3 [Subscribe via iTunes]

  • Amel Larrieux: Trouble
  • Restless Soul feat. Shea Soul: Turn Me Out
  • TAFKAP: Sexy M.F.
  • Erykah Badu: The Cell
  • Reel People: Outta Love feat. Omar (4hero Remix)
  • Esthero: Wikked Lil' Grrrls
  • Common feat. Jill Scott: I Am Music
  • Q-Tip feat. Amanda Diva: ManWomanBoogie
  • De La Soul: Keepin The Faith
  • Kidz In The Hall feat. Estelle: Love Hangover
  • Joss Stone: Put Your Hands On Me
  • Jazzanova feat. Ben Westbeech: I Can See
  • The Roots: Din Da Da
  • Incognito: The world is Mine
  • Tortured Soul: Enjoy It Now
  • Blaze feat. Gerideau: Take A Stand (Shelter Mix)
  • The Jackson 5: Forever Came Today (F2F Full Anthem)
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  • *downloads*

  • dar

    let's dance.

  • J

    Thanks for the mix, but how do I get the first two podcasts. Tried to download them, but it didn't work.

  • Terseajun

    Like this mix got a couple of songs on it like...

  • I do like this. At first I thought that it was too mellow for me, but it is just the right pace. Thanks much.

  • fresh.

  • heyhey

    Downloading, already know it's gonna be hot.

  • i think this one is my favorite mix of the series so far. got me through my monday afternoon at work, which is noteworthy in itself...

  • nitaluvs

    luved it. where can i cop vol.1 and 2

  • Laidback 67

    this is PHat! where can I get a copy or two

  • Laidback 67

    this is PHat! where can I get a copy or two


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