‘The Electric Company’ To Get Shock Of Hip Hop Energy

Twenty-eight years after its premiere on PBS as part of the Childrens' Television Workshop, the beloved The Electric Company will be receiving a makeover of sorts. In an effort to remain contemporary, TEC will have elements of Hip Hop infused into the show. The task will be accomplished by the creative team behind the Tony-award winning Hip Hop musical In The Heights. Kids and parents alike will learn vocabulary words from Hip Hop collective Freestyle Love Supreme and feature four kids who have the power to manipulate words and battle against The Pranksters, a collective of mischievous neighborhood bad guys. The show will be premiering January 19th on PBS. No word yet if Easy Reader will be making any special guest appearances, but this blogger does hope they bring back a certain element that can be seen below. [EW]

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  1. Electric Company was much hipper than Sesame Street. And besides, you had Rita Morena, Bill Cosby, Morgan Freeman and Lee Chamberlain, to name a few. Lee Chamberlain had the flyest afro!

  2. Always loved Electric Company and Easy Reader was one of my favorites. He's come a long way.

  3. Hot!!!!! I love the Electric Company. I was one of those nerds who ran out and bought the four-disc DVD to both re-live and re-analyze my childhood.
    One of the many amazing things about EC was its cast. The first season had Rita Moreno, Morgan Freeman, Bill Cosby and Irene Cara amongst others.
    Imagine if EC debuted today with that much star clout. Who would be in the cast? Rosario Dawson, Mos Def, John Leguizamo, and Matt Damon, perhaps?

  4. i got my old school electric company dvd box sets, too. what's scary is i watched so many episodes repeatedly that i can remember enough material that didn't make the first two volumes to make a third set.
    a good friend of mine was production assistant on the season premiere of the new electric company. i look forward to seeing it and sharing it with my daughter. sesame street is already a bond between the two of us, so it would be nice to have this show in the mix as well. yeah, it won't be the same, but it shouldn't have to be. this is for a new generation of kids, and if it helps them want to learn to read, then sesame workshop did their job.
    but yeah, it would be nice to see my daughter chant along to her own set of silhouettes segments...

  5. why was i looking for this and the righteous apples on you tube the other day? i always had a mini crush on morgan and the black dude from ra!!!


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