The Evening Commute With Q-Tip and Amanda Diva

"Manwomanboogie," the fourth video from Q-Tip's The Renaissance, opens with our hero Kamaal aboard a progressively trippier train ride testifying to his unenthusiastic fellow commuters about the dynamics between man and woman. A sassy, kittenish Amanda Diva adds her jazzy alto to the sermon and that's when things really get interesting. There's a lusty train conductor, a British Redcoat, Betsy Ross, and Native Americans in full on traditional garb. All go from disinterested emo glances to boho boogieing and camaraderie by video's end. Guerrilla filmmaker Rik Cordero lends his gritty voyeuristic eye, and according to his treatment, "The moving train to me is a great metaphor for the ups and downs, ins and outs and the rush felt between the forces of man and woman." Word.

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8 Responses

  1. Love it! Fun creative video.

  2. I like.Fun and truth. Now that's real Hip Hop...

  3. a great song by itself. the video treatment is well done. short, sweet, stylized, and fun.

  4. This song was hot already! Q-Tips album is no doubt pretty damn good!!! I'm feeling the video I would definitely I have to agree with the writer of this article "The moving train to me is a great metaphor for the ups and downs, ins and outs and the rush felt between the forces of man and woman."

  5. SCORE!!!!
    Loving this joint, for real.

  6. My main 2 issues with this joint are that (1st)the so-called Red wo/man were NOT the first on the continent, dark, melanated people—whom you could call Afrikanz—were. It is a fact the first "Indian" chiefs were dark-skinned, kinky haired, thick lip and nosed beingz, of Afrikanz lineage.
    (2nd)the video failed miserably at showin' the obstacles our people face compared to the otherz. "White man fightin' for independence from an old empire"?!!? (funny, while sad hedz would believe that. They left and came over here and performed the same, if not worse acts they was gettin' hit with in europe! Let's not even get into the history of where exactly white wealth comes from!) What then is said about Black people pales enormously in comparison...
    I know this is "just music" and overstand Tip's attempt to appeal to all people, but if we gonna talk about history, present the facts, equally and truthfully, PLEASE! This is how Afrikan history gets buried, yo!
    For resources, peep: The Destruction of Black Civilization by Chancellor Williams; They Came Before Columbus by Ivan Van Sertima, as well as info at (shameless plug)
    Sorry so long... Just felt it's important for hedz to know how precious and effective Hiphop can be... when used appropriately. Bless...

  7. GO!! This joint is Ra-Dyk-a-lish!! I loved the song from jump.. NOW I have a video to go with it... Lovin it!!

  8. That was quite the funky visual treat! thanks SB, for always putting on what MTV and BET never would.