Who Addressed the Negative Feedback Better? Michelle or Syleena?

The Internets are a treacherous place, y'all, and no one knows that better than our entertainers. Recently, a video surfaced of Michelle Williams addressing someone that said she looked "a hot mess." While we were quite entertained by Michelle's spunk, we were surprised that such a surface statement would incur a response that basically consisted of "my hat is PRADA" and "Google me." Back in July, Syleena Johnson posted a similar video in response to comments that were a little more damaging than "hot mess." She, however, managed to clarify things without meandering into "stop being a hater" territory. Whose response was more warranted? And do these types of videos increase or decrease your respect for these singers? Clips after the bounce.

Michelle Williams: It Doesn't Matter

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5 Responses

  1. Why even waste time addressing armchair haters? get your money and keep it moving. Do you think Bill Gates gives a flying F*** what people are saying about how he looks? do you think Jigga is worried about what people are saying about how he looks? hell no they arent, stay focused on the goal and make that paper, give them haters something to REALLY hate you about:)

  2. I believe that Syleena did well with the damage control due to the fact that she was address people who were tryin to affect her money sayin that she dont show up for shows... She didnt come off as ignorant or like she was hurt by it. However Michelle prob shouldnt have done hers because she comes off as childish and why she has to show off what has thats weird... But Hey like the song say "Divas getting money, if you aint getting money then you aint got nothing for me

  3. Maybe is Michelle stop straddling the fence and find herself in music maybe there might be a chance I actually listen to her.But I never been a fan of her voice at all.
    Big up to Syleena

  4. It's funny..when you Google Michelle Williams, that chick from Dawson's Creek pops right up...for like 3 pages...

  5. @ BFloyd86: COMMENT OF THE WEEK! Yes, I noticed that when I tried finding a decent pic of her for this post.


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