Analog Girl Gives Birth To Digital Baby

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  1. I can't wait to hear what the baby's name will be!!

  2. Many congrats to both of them!!

  3. name will probably be Honey or Magnolia

  4. Honey & Magnolia -- good guesses. Honey cos of her song and Magnolia becaues isn't Jay Electronica from a housing project called that.
    Watch it be Butterfly (nah, too plain for Badu, ha).
    Maybe Bumblebee. Nah
    I really don't know... I'm really seriously trying to guess...
    Brooklyn, Dallas, Louisiana, Badu, Sweet Tea, Apple, Hazel, Sunshine, Summer

  5. She said she named her Twitty Milk. I guess we'll get the real name later on.

  6. I hate that I missed the tweets. I stopped following them both because of too many tweets. I'm a loser.

  7. Why do I always have to be the bad guy? say hello to the bad guy..........:-)
    Are they married? I mean this is like her fourth kid by her fourth babies father, why not try to do the traditional thing and get married before having baby after baby.......Call me old fashioned, a traditionalist if you will, but I am done giving folks a pass on having babies outta wedlock as the old folks call it. I do give Jay some props for being a stand up cat and not one them dudes who thinks buying sneakers and clothes make them a father. I actually think he will do right by his baby girl and Ms. Badu, I just pray she/they gets married before popping out more kids.

  8. Stoney: Because we know you're secretly as obsessed with Badu just as much as I am, that's why you always show up on every Badu post:)
    But we went through this the last time. You know marriage doesn't always work for everyone. I mean, no one talks about Brad and Angie and their load. They're not married but they make it work. Shoot, Hallie and Gabrielle aren't married, but they're making it work. Family is not perfect and it is what you make it--and this is coming from someone who came from two broken families.
    Is she supposed to keep getting married and getting divorced just to say she's "being a traditionalist." This is Badu here. You know darn well she's no traditionalist Stoney! lol.
    What she does with her kitty is her business and her life. None of us are in a position to judge her, unless we're perfect and I know noone that is.

  9. Congrats to Ms. Badu & Jay E!

  10. @ Jenny......Stoney: Because we know you're secretly as obsessed with Badu just as much as I am, that's why you always show up on every Badu post:)
    you was suppose to keep this on the downlow, this was our secret babygirl:-) as for who Ms. Badu gives her kitty too, I would just like to say as with all super powers, they should be used for good, not evil:-) But since I know how you feel now Jenny, lets go half on a baby........After we jump the broom of course:-) Holla!!!!!!!

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  12. Congrats on the newborn!

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    Excellent thread title Nov.

  14. Stoney, I can smell a Badu stan from a mile away; we're one of a kind:)
    And as for that baby: Marriage or not, two crazies can not make a seed=) Sorry, no do.

  15. Congrats to the EBadu clan.. I'm soo loving that she is a mother again.. we need more parent's in this world such as she.. I bet regardless of being married or how many kids she has.. at the end of the day her children r loved n cared for,..SO,BACK UP OFF HER!! be4 she hits someone w/ a beat...

  16. Congrats. Like many here, can't wait to hear the baby name!

  17. Damn another baby?! By ANOTHER dude?!! And she's different from a regular hoochie how? For real, a birth control has been the move. Just because you make music for a living doesn't put you above looking like just another dumb broad.

  18. big up 2u/erykah