Behind the Groove with Peter Hadar


Something that we love to do here at SoulBounce is to expose people to artists they need to know and music they need to hear. One such artist who we gave the Bounce-Worthy distinction to last year was Newark, New Jersey native Peter Hadar. Not your average singer-songwriter, Hadar calls himself a "Cool Weirdo" and his music is as eclectic as he is and we love the freshness that he brings to the Soul genre.   

Earlier this week Peter Hadar released She's All Mine, an EP of new songs intended to serve as the soundtrack to lovemaking. After listening to the collection, you may be inclined to swing an episode with the one you love and/or lust for. In this interview I had a chance to go deeper with Peter as he explained the intent behind each song on the EP, why he decided to give his music away for free, the power of the internet for the independent artist and what is next on his musical horizon. 

Behind the Groove with Peter Hadar

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Podcast playlist below. All songs by Peter Hadar unless noted.

"Sleeping Pills"
"All Mine"
"Dirty Roots" - Onra
"Brown Liquor" (Instrumental) - Kev Brown
"Watermelon" (Remix)
"Showbiz" (Instrumental) - DJ Premier
"Clap Clap" (Instrumental) - Onra
"Lady Liberty" (Instrumental) - Malcolm-Jamal Warner
"Naughty Magazine"
"The Cause" (Instrumental) - LMNO & Kev Brown
"Weirdo Interlude"
"Cheat on You" (Instrumental)
"You Don't Love Me" (Instrumental)

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3 Responses

  1. I d/l his ep yesterday off of soul commune.
    Its great.. Music sounds like 2025

  2. Great interview, great songs. He sounds like Fun!

  3. looking forward to you being in austin for sout by south west


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