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In this day, it's not uncommon to find singers who can't sing topping the charts. But to the discerning music lover, real singers with real voices and real talent still matter. One such artist who falls into that category is Syleena Johnson who keeps it real both on her records and in her life and that's why we love her. The statuesque beauty possesses one of the strongest, most soulful voices in contemporary R&B and we've come to expect nothing but good music from her with each album that she releases. Her latest work, Chapter 4: Labor Pains, is her fifth album and the first as her own boss, and she's determined to make this endeavor a success. 

In this insightful conversation with Syleena, she brought the sass and the realness that we've come to expect from her as we discussed her new album, being a businesswoman and a mommy, women in the music industry and how many chapters she has left in her. Syleena's candor is as refreshing as her music.

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Podcast playlist below. All songs by Syleena Johnson unless noted.

"Go Home" (Instrumental)
"Skew It on the Bar-B" (Instrumental) - Outkast
"One Little Indian" (Instrumental) - J Dilla
"My First"
"Labor Pains"
"Is it Because I'm Black"
"If You Want Me to Stay" (Instrumental) - Sly & The Family Stone
"Shoo Fly"
"Phone Sex" feat. Twista
"Personal Trainer"
"Albany" (Instrumental) - Kev Brown

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8 Responses

  1. how to downlaod those tracks?

  2. @kathie...The playlist contains music played during the interview, which you can download above. If you'd like to download the full-length songs then iTunes or Amazon's MP3 store has got you covered.

  3. I dunno what it is but i'm not really feeling Chapter 4 in comparison to Chapters 1-3!
    Don't get me wrong the lady is one of THE best singers modern soul has to offer, but the material seems to straddle the middle-ground a bit too much.

  4. This is awesome! I need to find her earlier stuff apparently.
    I just knew who her Daddy is, so I was psyched to see those covers. And she did an incredible job. thanks Soulbounce. Love it. And you're right, she's real as it gets. Nice nice!

  5. GREAT interview. Syleena Johnson is the truth and this is why I love this womans music.
    Here's what I love about Chapter 4: Labor Pains. I love the courageous message it sends...the symbolism of Syleena Johnson putting in the labor and work to do this on her own.
    I can't stand most of the music force fed to us on the radio, so it's nice to see artists take a risk and do things their way. I support that.
    I also love how we get to see all sides of Syleena on Chapter 4. She's emotional, passionate, sexy, serious, and funny on this album. And she gives us 100% of herself in each and every song.
    And her voice can do NO wrong. The woman can sing the coupon section of the Sunday newspaper. Syleena Johnson takes me there everytime. Can't get enough of this woman.

  6. Syleena is my girl and I love her music.. Chapters 1-4... and If you're just picking up on Chapter 4... You need to head back and get those others or you're slipping. But who in the heck is SY-Leena (Sigh-Leena). Why must everyone get it wrong or think she's the Selena (Mexican female singer killed by manager-and I loved her too by the way). That just annoys me. If we don't know her name, how does she get her name out there??? Syleena Johnson Rocks!!!!!!

  7. Chi-town. Southside! Gotta LOVE Syleena Johnson!

  8. Syleena i lov your music n my favarite song iz I BELIEVE IN LOVE in chapter 2


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