Bey-sus Fierce, It’s Go-Go Gadget Gospel!

Few things are more crowd pleasing/insulting than a nice gospel/secular music mashup during praise and worship on a Sunday morning. Maybe it's that awkward moment when in any other context (read: the club, your living room while watching music videos) someone would jump up and start gyrating with abandon but because they are in the House of the Lord they awkwardly restrain themselves to just a clap n' sway special. In this video the worship team, helmed by a David Banner-looking Steelers fan, took Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" and "put a praise on it," much to the enjoyment of at least some of the congregation. Of course the (probably single) ladies were the ones showing out while many of the older members of the church sat bewildered and bemused. Hilarity definitely ensues when Banner-lite turns it over to the fellas and there is nary a voice to be heard. The only way this could have been better is if somewhere in the audience a woman with a tambourine started doing the infamous choreography. [H/T: C+D]

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  1. Live from the Church of Chuck Brown in Christ . . .
    Give it up for Rev. Fatman Scoop ladies and gentlemen!
    there is something very "Coming to America"-esque about this clip.

  2. Oh, oh, oh, oh! Wow this is too funny. And where is this church at again in D.C. I would only assume it is in D.C.


  4. Jesus wept.
    I feel like Bustin' Loose.......give him the praise y'all give him the praise na na!

  5. Is that DMX at around 2:15 chewing tobacco??

  6. This is the church of what's happenin now...Let us all say AMEN!!!

  7. I'd consider goin to church if any of them were like that!
    Maybe Melbourne needs more soul!

  8. I...can't...stop...laughing!!! RFLMAO

  9. He obviously once performed with Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers or Trouble or some such other go go group. But, this isn't the first church rendition I've seen of "Single Ladies," have you seen this one, Single Ladies - Mother Wisdom.

  10. I think I'm more upset of him having on a steelers jersey in SERVICE.

  11. We as a people have lost all respect for God and his holy temple. This a is a travesty and my main reason for not going to church anymore. Last time I went I didnt know one word to the songs they now sing in church, what happened to precious lord? amazing grace? the songs my grandmother and nem use to sing? this new age crap is just that crap. There's a special spot in hell for people who play with the word..............................

  12. Dude is praising in a throwback....SMH.
    When they got to the offering, I almost died. I wanted to tell those folks to "lock it in the pocket" and give that $$$ to a real minister.

  13. I can barely pull myself together, you all are too funny. I haven't laughed this hard in a while.
    "Dude is praising in a throwback." Dead.

  14. He did not just give instructions on how to get your praise offering out ya purse while shakin it up to Beyonce with a Go Go beat. This is funny and i am embarrassed for the throwback minister. He even says one, two, pump it up, one, two. WOW!!!!! What church is this?

  15. Just DISRESPECTFUL!!!!! I guess it will be okay to back that thang up in a minute.