DJ Dhundee Is In It To Win It

DJ_Dhundee.jpgHave a bad case of the Mondays? I know I do, and luckily, you get to reap the benefits of my beat digging adventures that will hopefully rid you of any excessive weekend longing. Dhundee, Baltimore native and Brooklyn transplant, has put together In2it, a rather darling album of "eclectic, multigenre music that can't be categorized." What this means for a consumer such as yourself is to expect collaborations with Bounce-Worthy artist Sarah White, Kissey Asplund, and former Koop collaborator Cecilia Stalin. Fellow Swedish native Yukimi Nagano, lead singer for the fantastic Little Dragon is also a past Koop collaborator, so feel free to extrapolate on the treats awaiting you below. "Swing Sets" is a sparse and upbeat track that is somewhat loungy and trippy in its approach, but certainly helps to shake off the Winter blues a bit. There's no current release date set yet for In2it, but it'll definitely be worth copping once it's unleashed onto the masses. [H/T:WR]

DJ Dhundee feat. Cecilia Stalin: "Swing Sets"

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2 Responses

  1. Dhundee, is down with us... putting out bangers is a must. Pce to Dhundee and the MPD! LOL.

  2. This is hot. Loving it. Good looking out!!