Estelle Lends Her ‘Star’ Power To Crystal Light

If you watched the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, then you may have seen a new Crystal Light commercial that featured the familiar vocals of Grammy winner Estelle. But the British R&B sensation wasn't just singing any old jingle. Estelle recorded the song "Star" for Crystal Light's U Pump It Up campaign, and the track is available for free download from the website. Check the commercial out below, then hop on over to the site to add it to your collection. 


Estelle "Star"

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  1. Colorful post..................Just like Rihanna's face after her violent attack by Chris Brown. I'm kind of disaapointed that not one sista at SB has put this clown on blast. Since the incident there have been post on Robin Thicke, Motown, J.Period among several others. I mean violence against any women should be frowned upon but violence against a sista and all it gets is a small one line write up . For a topic that plagues the black community I would think that a progressive site such as SB would tackle this issue head on, hell XXL, King, even the Source have all ran more post then SB and up until now SB was 100 times better then those sites/magazines. As more info comes out this wasnt some little tit for tat, dude beat her savagely, beat her like a dude, SB I implore you to tackle a very serious issue................................

  2. Congrats to Estelle for picking up this endorsement!
    @stoneyisland: The topic of the Chris Brown/Rihanna incident is being discussed on blogs, in Twitter chats, etc. I'm sure Soulbounce will get around to it in it's own time, especially when more facts become available.
    Personally, I don't condone what Chris did, even if he may or may not have been provoked. Hitting a woman is a not tolerated! I hate it for the both of them, because I have little cousins who listen to their music, and now their parents and other family members are trying to explain this incident to their kids.

  3. @Soulrific "I'm sure Soulbounce will get around to it in it's own time, especially when more facts become available" ...funny but I dont think much more information besides for the photo's need to be released. Various media outlets ( not the enquirer and Wendy Williams but real journalistic outlets) have released actual facts from that night. Rihanna had black eyes, bruises, a split lip and busted nose. Reports say she said it started over a SMS Chris got from some chick trying to hook up with him. True or not she didnt punch herself like ole girl in the film a thin line between love and hate. As for what to tell kids, I can only speak on what I told my babygirl, Chris Brown is a punk and you are forbidden to listen to his his music anymore. REAL MEN do not hit, slap, punch, bite or kick women. Domestic violence is not something you "get around to on your own time" and thats real talk. Ask any sista who has been beat up or threatened by a boyfriend or husband.................

  4. Regardless, SB will get to this in their own time and fashion.

  5. ...and about Estelle. Cool song. Nice that it's available for free because I probably wouldn't pay for it... don't like it that much.
    She's a good interview, too. Very chill.

  6. "Colorful post..................Just like Rihanna's face after her violent attack by Chris Brown."
    what a tacky effing thread jack.

  7. I would like to know I could get dress like what is in the crystal light commercial with Estelle

  8. Avatar

    I would like to buy the dress featured in the commercial for crystal light, please acknowledge

  9. does anyone know the maker of these dresses, especially the yellow one....I would like to get it to wear to a wedding.


  11. Are the dresses available to purchase ??

  12. WHO ARE THESE GIRLS ! This has got to be the cutist threesome i've ever seen in a commercial.I stop what i'm doing when it comes on.

  13. I want to buy the yellow dress in the commercial, where do I find it. Who is the dress maker? Please, need that yellow dress. I have recently lost 43 lbs and can now where the dress!!! Yea.

  14. The song is no longer available 🙁


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