For The Music Fans: The Era of Erro

If there's one artist who embodies the independent spirit of SoulBounce it's Eric Roberson. He's the quintessential entertainer, a focused businessman and a cool, down-to-earth cat. When we got word last year that he'd been working on some new material, we could have done Olympic-caliber back flips. Because we know that unlike some artists who tease us with album news but no albums, Erro delivers on his promises. And deliver he will this June with the release of his next studio album, Music Fan. It's safe to assume that it will be another collection of bangers given the heat that he's blessed us with over the years. In the event that you need a refresher (or a crash course) on just how deep and dope Erro's catalog is, then this mix is for you. The tracklist is after the bounce, and before you ask, there are no slow jams on this mix. We're saving those for part two one day. Until then, enjoy!

The Era of Erro [download/subscribe]

  1. "The Moon"
  2. "I Dare You To Stay" (with H20)
  3. "Couldn't Hear Me"
  4. "Music"
  5. "Postcards From The Edge" (with Megan Livingston W. Ellington Felton)
  6. "One Time" (with Jill Scott)
  7. "Pleasure Before Pain" (with J Rawls)
  8. "Hold On"
  9. "For the Love of the Game" (with V & Raheem Devaughn)
  10. "Rock With You"
  11. "Change for Me" [Prime Time Mix/Joey Negro Remix] (with Osunlade)
  12. "Everything" [Tea Party Vocal Mix] (with Ian Friday)
  13. "Let Me Know" (with Angela Johnson)
  14. "Hesitation"
  15. "4U"
  16. "Evening"
  17. "Please Don't Leave Me"
  18. "If I Had A Chance"
  19. "Crazy..."
  20. "Runaway"
  21. "Been In Love" (feat. Phonte)
  22. "Butterfly Girl" (with DJ Spinna)
  23. "When Love Calls"
  24. "Everything In Its Right Place" (with Osunlade)

*Words by Butta, mix by nOva, inspiration from Eric Roberson.

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11 Responses

  1. Yippeeee! I can' wait! I love Erro!
    "Pretty giirrlll, do you always use your smile, to get your waaay once in a while?"

  2. OMG!!!!!! I have all this and I'm downloading anyways to have on my computer at the office

    Today was my Erro day and I played every album all day long. Kept me sane and I breezed through work painlessly. My FAVORITE song of all is the first track on your mix and I just saw my other FAV "Runaway" - how I love thee, let me count the ways!

  4. WWWOOOWWW just listened to the whole mix...goosebumps

  5. And this is why I love ya'll!! Butta, if it hadnt been for me stumbling on to your blog, I probably stlll wouldn't know who Erro is. Thank you so much for continuously spreading the word about him.
    I'll be seeing him tonight in Oakland...woo hoo!!

  6. Ah, the perfect mix for my Friday! It gets no better than Erro.

  7. Thanks so much for this!! I saw the Runaway video on youtube a lil while back, and the lyrics really blew me away..I'm SO risking getting in trouble at the job to download this at my computer, it just can't wait until I get home!

  8. Thanks so much for this..I was vaguely aware of Erro before SoulBounce (via The Moon video that used to play on VH1 Soul lol), but now I clearly understand his awesomeness!! I've already only been listening for 5 min., and I'm just in love. I don't even miss the absence of slow jams. Can I also say how blown away I was by the lyrics of Runaway? Just wow.

  9. I too offer a gratitude to SB, for introducing me to Mr. Roberson. I picked up the Vault and Left album in the fall and just play them constantly. Thanks SB.

  10. HOTNESS. I loves me some Erro. He is the consummate performer and songwriter. There are some real rarities on the tracklist. You'd be a fool NOT to download this one...

  11. aww man, I LOVE this! I LOVE Erro!!!! Been lovin him for years and I'm glad he is starting to get some of the recongnition he deserves! Can't wait till the new album drops.


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