Have a ‘Fling’ With Jagged Edge

jagged_edge_white_room.jpgWell look who we have here. None other than Jagged Edge with some new flava for your ears. Over the past year or so, a number of JE tunes have leaked onto the net, but they haven't really been that hot. Kinda like their last album, Baby Makin' Project. But this latest leak isn't too bad at all. On "Fling" the foursome return to the upbeat R&B groove of past hits like "Where The Party At." Now if their new slow jams are on the same tip as "I Gotta Be" or "Promise," then it'll be like the late '90s all over again. And that's not a bad thing.

Jagged Edge: "Fling"

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7 Responses

  1. How!

  2. They still a group? I had no idea.......................Damn we need Tony Toni, Tone to get back together:-)

  3. Avatar

    JE = dope. They have thier own sound. Plus they have a couple of "semi", (really semi), "classic-ish" songs to thier credit. At least to the generation that "grew up on them". This songs OK. Like the rest of thier work, just OK.

  4. I can't name not one JE tune. How did they stick around?

  5. Everybody at least knows I Gotta Be, Let's Get Married, Promise, and Where The Party At? you must have been livin under a rock to not know any Jagged Edge songs and those are classics right there.

  6. Those were the best JE songs. I don't know what this song is all about. I can't distinguish them from Day26.

  7. JE is 1 of the best R@B groups off all time i got most of there albums dis song is the shit now thay need a hot ass video B^5


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