Jennifer Hudson Sings The National Anthem, Takes Our Collective Breath Away

It's too easy to compare the stellar Star Spangled Banner performance Jennifer Hudson gave at the Super Bowl to the iconic one given by Whitney Houston all those years ago. Maybe it's even a little dismissive of the impact of both. Looking beyond that, Jennifer Hudson is an ideal emblem of perseverance and triumph for our time. Her bold, overwhelmingly moving, and virtuoso rendition of the National Anthem acted as more than just a well sung moment of patriotism before a football game. It was a statement about daring to move forward in strength and hope, a mood that has been particularly resonant around the country (and world) for the last few weeks. She sang in a way reflective of the power and tenacity we feel in these slightly waning moments of enfranchisement and achievement. And she did it well.

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  1. Jennifer gave probably the best rendition at the Super Bowl since Whitney in '91.

  2. 100% agreed. i definitely shed a few (celebration) tears. Well done

  3. ....which wasn't live, apparenlty.
    Either way, she sang it...and it was amazing.
    AP article on J. Hud using the pre-record

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    She did good, but then again when you have a chance to record it over and over again until its perfect than lip sync to it .... We'll compared to contest.

  5. It amazes me the extent people will go to find something negative to say about such a positive moment.
    Who cares if the performance was a lip sync? How do we know Whitney's wasn't one too? Which doesn't diminish Whitney's iconic rendition a bit in my opinion. Or Marvin Gaye's take on the NA could have been pre-recorded, for that matter? Who cares.
    After what Jennifer has been through, the fact that she could get on that blue dais, alone, in front of 100mil plus people, and sing/lip sync anything without being overwhelmed by the emotion of the moment and breaking enough to receive my admiration.
    Wonderful job Jennifer!!!

  6. Both she and Faith Hill were lip-synching

  7. Pre-recorded or not...she killed it. We all know she can sing. Most SB anthems are pre-recorded anyway

  8. Lip-Synched or not, Jenny killed it! Glad she is coming back.

  9. I always thought that whitneys was lipsynced also...did it take anything away from it sure there are clips online people can look at ...anyway Jen sang the fool outta that song.

  10. whitney also lip synched. almost every superbowl national anthem is pre-recorded for acoustic reasons. but who cares. people are so quick to be negative. its depressing. kick rocks. j hud killed it. and looked stunning.

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    Whitney did not lip sync, read the wiki ->
    When you "pre record" in a studio, you have 1. Countless takes, 2. Access to pitch correction (Auto Tune) to correct fudged notes. -> (It was ALL OVER HER ALBUM)
    and 3. You can "comp" a vocal. (Create a composite from several different takes). I'm not diminishing her "performance" (if you want to call it that). She's certainly proved that she CAN sing live (American Idol). I just feel since it was billed as her big "come back", I expected her to be singing the song live ! So It was disappointing that she did not. Obviously the NFL invited her to sing, I'm sure she did not lobby for the performance. When they were discussing the particulars of the performance, she could have made it a stipulation that she perform the song live. The "wardrobe malfunction" was a long time ago and the station had nothing to fear. I'm just saying....

  12. i'm just glad that no one has typed "lip singing." people kill me with that.
    i personally don't care if the damn thing was pre-recorded. it was still amazing. an artist singing along with a pre-recorded (or album) version never stopped me from jamming with them on Soul Train, so i'm not pressed about it now.
    anyway, i'd feel Jennifer was a soldier if she just got out there and stood still and quiet for two and a half minutes. it was a beautiful moment, and i hate that the beauty of it is being diminished. in the wake of my beloved Janet's performance, it's a wonder if the damn GAME isn't pre-recorded! that's nothing against Janet, but it speaks to the scariness that network television has towards live television since that happened. everything "live" is seemingly either pre-recorded or on delay. i don't get why some people are surprised about this.
    Jennifer gave the best performance she could under the circumstances, and should be commended. it should be enough for people that Jennifer has more than enough vocal ability. some of y'all act like it was Cassie out there trying to sing.

  13. Jennifer Hudson is so good. Why isn't she bigger than Fantasia?

  14. I had no idea how talented Jennifer Hudson is until i heard her sing the National Anthem (lip synched? oh well...)

  15. who cares if it was pre-recorded!!! She was beautiful and the song was heart felt!! KUDOS to Jennifer Hudson!! I'm glad she's back.

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    I've been absent from SB pretty much all this week, but was looking forward to reading the post on this very topic. We all have our own opinions, whether they be harsh or praising, but I honestly didn't think the fact Jennifer Hudson lip-synched the national anthem held one iota of importance. Like it was mentioned earlier, network TV is never 'live'. Even if it's a 5 sec. delay, it's not live. Plus if anyone saw Yolanda Adams during this year's Rose Bowl, you'd understand why it SHOULD be pre-recorded (she sounded awful, and she can definitely blow). Jennifer was AWESOME, and I have mad respect for her. Some things shouldn't be argued just for the sake of a debate.