J.Period & De La Soul Take Us On ‘Excursions’ Into Q-Tip Territory


Mixtapes are a dime a dozen these days, but good mixtapes are another story. In your travels you've probably found that every mixtape does not deserve a spot in your CD changer or space on your hard drive. However, on February 10th J.Period will drop his best of Q-Tip mixtape, The [Abstract] Best, and if this song with De La Soul is any indication, then you'll be bumping this joint for years to come. De La flips the script on A Tribe Called Quest's "Excursions" and puts their own spin on the classic cut with "Excursions 2009 (Tribute Remix)." In a word, this is dope. But we knew that already; you really can't go wrong with members of the Native Tongues family on a track. Head on over to J.Period's site to download this musical appetizer and go back next Tuesday for the main course of The [Abstract] Best.    

J.Period feat. De La Soul: "Excursions 2009 (Tribute Remix)"

J.Period [Official][MySpace]
J.Period feat. De La Soul: "Excursions 2009 (Tribute Remix)" [Download]
J.Period The [Abstract] Best [Download 2/10]

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6 Responses

  1. Oh snap! that real hip hop right here! De La should have been dropped a mixed tape. This J.Period cat has a certified monster on his hands!!!!

  2. lovely. just lovely. looking forward to the q-tip mixtape and de la's "excursions" update totally sealed the deal. fantastic.

  3. I don't get it.... This track should be called, "De La Soul feat. J.Peroiod"!! Not to hate, but rather to see the lesson, this cat J.Period (who is white) does what?! He makes mix cds and recordz of (Black) HipHop artists and musicianz and blowz up?!!? I mean, c'mon, ya'll... LISTEN TO THIS TRACK! WHAT EXACTLY DID J.PERIOD DO?!!? How many Black DJs been doin' the same -ish (AND BETTER) and don't get the same shine?
    When are we vanguardz and citizenz of true Hiphop (those who live in the essence Black music is born from) gonna stop applaudin' "otherz" when they actually contribute nothing!
    It insanes me, yo! Yeah, Hiphop has evolved to be "for everyone", but too many have forgotten who they owe it to!
    J.Period is no different than all the other white "artist's" of the 1950s who stole Rock-n-Roll recorded songz as well as before that with Jazz!
    Those that know need to make our voices heard that it's not ok to make a career off the backs of true pioneerz!
    Again, don't mean to come across racially, but until this world ceases to take advantage of Black contributionz to the world, damn near everything is racial!!
    BTW, De La blessed this track!

  4. You dont mean to hate???? seems like it to me, we as black people no longer have that built in whoa is me card to play. We have a black man in the white house, excuses are off the table, either go out and make things happen or move to the side and let someone else do it. I could care less if the cat is white or green, this joint is banging, music should be colorless, until you mentioned J.Period was white I had no idea and to think about it I liked it that way better. I am supporting good music regardless to the color of a persons skin, I strongly suggest you do the same M'bwebe, life is short my brother........................................

  5. Excuses? Didn't present any, just another example of what the late Del Jones would classify as "Culture Bandits"...
    See, you totally missed the point 'Stoney Island'. Maybe the topic is a lil' over your head... Again, LISTEN TO THE TRACK. It is hot! I already said that, but besides De La spittin', how different is it from the original?!
    What exactly do you hear that would be considered Periodz contribution?!!? That's like me takin' a collection of your favorite fast food eats and sellin' 'em back to you, "M'Bwebe Greasy Burgerz feat. McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy's"... And I got a hype man talkin' 'bout how serious I am about these burgerz. But again, this may be over your head...
    On top of the fact this is "Black History MONTH" (which should be 'YEAR' 'cause the world, along with Black people, aren't aware of our history, proving once a year is not enough), it just goes to show hedz don't know they history, so they can't protect they history!
    Not to get all historic on you, but the great(?) historian, Arnold Toynbee once said, "When we classify mankind by color, the only one of the primary races that has not made a creative contribution to any of our 21 civilizations is the black race". This is about cultural contribution and the acknowledgment of it. As Generation X and 'Next' becomes our leaderz, it's a scary thought to think we got so caught up in multiculturalizm that we forgot the history of our people.
    Are you even aware of the many inventionz Black people designed? Do you know there'd be no Sears without Roebuck; no General Electric or Hoover vacuumz without Black inventorz whose names have permeated into the windz of ignorance? Many do not, leavin' them to believe Toynbee's erroneous and racist claim as fact.
    It's also sad how quick you're to come to Periodz aid, when, again, the only contribution I hear on his behalf Plug 1's shoutin' him out...
    This ain't really about Period, its about hedz like Period—non-Blacks who've made a career from doin' Black music and put themselves at the top position instead of honoring the true artists (need I mention Elvis as a shining example??).
    "J. Period featuring De La"?!!? Maybe this is a lil' too deep for you... no apologies for that...

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