Leela James Says ‘It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World’

A couple of weeks ago we hipped you to the fact that Leela James would be returning next month with a new album on a new label, and a quick glance at the album cover shows that she's sporting a new look, too. Leela is pretty in pink with a press and curl on the cover of Let's Do It Again, which hits stores on March 24th. The album will feature Leela tackling some classic Soul hits and hidden R&B gems, including the first single, a remake of James Brown's "It's A Man's Man's Man's World." Leela does a straight ahead interpretation of the track but brings her own funk to it with her plaintive wails and soaring screams over live instrumentation. Admittedly, the song starts off a little shaky, but she brings it home toward the end. If you're feeling this one, then feel free to download it below and be sure to pick up her album when it drops next month. 

Leela James: "It's A Man's Man's Man's World"

Leela James "It's A Man's Man's Man's World" [Download]
Leela James Let's Do It Again [Amazon 3/24]

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12 Responses

  1. Damn this sista is fine! anybody know if she is married? I mean HAPPILY married:-) now as for this remake of soul brother number one...........I am not really feeling her version, some songs should not be remade. This being one of them, Seal just did a cover and it was a travesty of the worst kind, Leela has the chops to pull off a wide variety of songs just not this one.

  2. WTF is this? I mean , really?

  3. Don't know if i like the track but i love leela. i bought her first album after only hearing a clip of my joy in a commercial. can't wait for this to drop.
    and the best re-make of this classic song still goes to christina aguilera at the grammy's. that broad killed it.

  4. People, are you crazy?
    I love this version, and I dont mind if the whole album is made up by this kind of sounds. I bet Let's Do It Again will become one of the best soul albuns of 2009.
    Simply. Can. Not. Wait.

  5. I'm sorry. This is not... (fill in the rest)
    How about EVERYBODY in soul music stop being so g*d damn nostalgic and create something new instead of recreating the old. If I want to hear people cover James Brown and the legends of old, I'd go to a Blues/Jazz bar in Any City, USA 00001 on a Friday night.
    Love you all!

  6. i'll take good nostalgia over bad futurism any day.

  7. Love LEELA...didn't recognize her at first, but once I heard her voice...I knew...Can't wait to cop this in a month.

  8. Absolutely dreadful. Let's NOT do it again.
    I agree with Taron. I didn't wait this long for a new album to hear a bunch of remakes. Leela proved she can make it do what it do on her first album. It's a mystery why she would take so long with a followup and this be the result.
    If she is going to do a bunch of remakes, I need her to do a good job on them. Very disappointing.
    No sophomore slump Leela! You are too talented for that!

  9. maybe this isnt just any remake this is the king of soul...since he died people just didnt react like I thgt they would. Maybe she is just giving him tks. I like this song, her voice is amazing

  10. I believe Leela is an extremely talented artist with audio and visual appeal to be successful in the game.
    This "remake" however, seriously disturbs the sexy.
    It just wasn't her lane and it showed through her awkward delivery of this song. She sounds forced to try and capture an era of soul that requires a depth and grit that is not indicative of Leela's true style.
    Soul is powerful, subtle, sexy, painful, complex and the same time. There are enough dimensions in soul music to where we don't have to "pay homage" all the damn time. There are infinite lanes in soul music - not only (as an artist) can you pick can CREATE one.
    In my opinion, Leela needs to leave James (Brown) alone - in addition to any other soul legend - and do Leela. If you want to TRULY honor those who came before you, do something ORIGINAL and GREAT and deliver it WELL.

  11. Damn it ... i've been waiting forever for a new Leela James album and all i get is cover versions???
    Her debut was and still is a favourite of mine, i'm sure she coulda come out with something original (is it just me or would a collab with Mr Hamilton have gone down a storm?).
    Im sure the covers will be strong (I havn't listened to the JB cover yet) but still ....