Let’s Be ‘Spies’ With Sy Smith

With American Idol back on our television screens for another season, we're in the thick of getting our weekly dose of amateur singers, snarky and/or loopy judges and an uber-annoying host. But if you're a soul music aficionado like we are, then you'll also be on the look out for indie soul chanteuse Sy Smith holding down the background vocals in the coming weeks as the contestants warble their way to victory and/or defeat. AI remains a great look for Sy but an even better look is her own material, which we adore. Sy is back with a new video for the song "Spies," which can be found on her last album Conflict as well as on the soundtrack to the film, Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom. You might notice a few members of the Noah's Arc cast present in the video (sorry, no sexy Jensen Atwood aka "Wade," y'all). Sy Smith looks fantastic, as always. So fantastic that you'd never know that she had a medical emergency and had to have her appendix taken out after a long day on the set. Talk about being a super woman! Get into the video below and for an extra visual treat check out Sy performing this song live after the bounce.

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2 Responses

  1. Song is cute, and she got the wonderful fellas of Noah's Arc!!! I love Darryl, Jason, & Doug

  2. I love her voice and love Noahs Ark. I first learned of Sy Smoith from, listen here, Saints Row (that game for the XBOX 360). Lmao. She sung a song called Bounce Like My Checks.


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