Live Blogging the 51st Annual Grammy Awards

This year's Grammy Awards have come and gone and so has another live blog. We did it a little different this time around and "tweeted" the night's festivities on Twitter with the live feed appearing in this spot during the pre-show and telecast.
If you missed it, then don't despair--the entire transcript is available after the bounce! And if loved, hated or didn't give a damn about the awards show, then leave your two cents in the comments section with the rest of the cool kids.

51st Annual Grammy Awards pre-show & red carpet coverage:

  • Paula Adbul, please take your meds.KTHXBI!
  • Flo Rida is making it train with Monopoly money on the red carpet. o_O It's all downhill from here, folks.
  • Ne-Yo's dates keep getting beiger and beiger.
  • Seacrest needs to stop the madness that is his singing.
  • Lil Wayne wins the Grammy for Best Rap Solo. "Swagga Like Us" wins for Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group. YAWN
  • Congrats to Estelle & Ye for winning Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for "American Boy"!! We can get with that.
  • "Lollipop" won for Best Rap Song. Insert eye roll here. R.I.P. Static Major, though.
  • Alicia Keys won Best Female R&B Vocal Performance. I guess.
  • Jazmine was ROBBED!!
  • Ne-Yo won Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
  • Eric Benet was ROBBED!
  • Congrats to Al
    Green for back-to-back awards for Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or
    Group With Vocals & Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance
  • Congrats to Chrisette Michele for winning the Best Urban/Alternative Performance even though she was in the wrong category. o_O
  • Another win for Ne-Yo & nem for Best R&B Song.
  • Go head, Mary J! Growing Pains FTW for Best Contemporary R&B Album!!
  • There are only 2 Rap awards and 1 R&B award left to give out during the televised show. This is some bull.
  • Fantasia looks surprisingly non-ghetto.
  • ERIC BENET sighting!!! Looking so dapper with his date Manuela Testolini & his baby girl India.
  • Why is Giuliana Rancic's hairline at an angle? Is she the alien or the predator?
  • Adele is geeked about seeing Justin Timberlake. She's so young. LOL
  • Happy that they dressed Adele in plus-size appropriate clothing. Although she did look a little matronly.
  • Chris Brown under investigation for battery? WHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT??????
  • WORD? R/T @TheGRAMMYs SInger/songwriter Raphael Saadiq arrived hand-in-hand with date Nia Long.
  • The Rock. That's all.
  • Oh, Maiysha Love you, don't love the outfit.
  • Wayna looked quite stunning on the red carpet.
  • Oh snap! Rihanna cancels her Grammy appearance tonight!!!
  • This Chris Brown story done snowballed into a big fat mess.
  • Leprechaun 2009 starring Raheem DeVaughn
  • Jennifer Hudson looks fantastic. Love. Her.
  • And there's Punk. Ryan Seacrest called him "baby." I can't.
  • T.I. cleans up well.
  • I got 5 on M.I.A. going into labor on live TV.

51st Annual Grammy Awards:

  • U2 is kicking this year's Grammy Awards off. This better be good!
  • WHITNEY!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Whitney looks damn good. Her wig is on straight and everything.
  • First televised award is gonna be Best R&B Album. Geesh, they're getting this outta the way early.
  • Uh oh, Whit is going off script to big up Clive Davis. Be afraid.
  • Jennifer Hudson FTW! Stevie Wonder coulda seen that one coming.
  • Jenny's speech made me choke up a little sunthin. Nova, pass me a tissue.
  • Did they tell The Rock to stretch for time?
  • Justin Timberlake on now. Please get to Al Green already. All this extra is unnecessary.
  • Boyz II Men & Al Green bout to show y'all how it's done.
  • *Thinks back to Maxwell's Al Green tribute at the BET Awards...
  • Why in da hell was Boyz II men singing backup to Justin? No justice, no peace.
  • Jigga rocked the mic with Chris Martin on piano. Not bad.
  • Was Chris Martin sipping from Paula Abdul's cup backstage or is he always this animated?
  • What does Carrie Underwood have on? She's lucky I like this song.
  • *Sings along: AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW HIS LAST NAME* Don't act like I'm the only one.
  • Why do LeAnn Rhimes and Sheryl Crow look about the same age. That aint right. If you're LeAnn.
  • I'm so over Duffy. Anyone else?
  • Coldplay wins Song of the Year for "Viva La Vida" right after performing it. The Grammys are up to their old tricks I see.
  • Hold up, did the announcer just say that Kid Rock was a double nominee tonight? o_O
  • That sista singing backup for Kid Rock waaaay in the back is getting it in.
  • I wonder if Wrigley's is gonna "Michael Phelps" Chris Brown and kill his endorsement?
  • Taylor Swift + Hannah Montana. And now it's time for the teeny bopper portion of the evening. Is Desperate Housewives on yet?
  • I thought Robert Plant was on Sober House? *shrug*
  • Was that Yolanda Adams sitting next to Big Boi? Intrastin.
  • Uh oh...Maybe JHud should pre-taped this performance a la the Super Bowl? Come on, Jenny, get it together.
  • And like clockwork there's the gospel choir.
  • I wondered when they were gonna appear. Every awards show must have a gospel choir during 1 performance. It's in the by-laws.
  • Jennifer Hudson got me bout to break down over here.
  • So Diddy is gonna be on CSI: Miami tomorrow night. Talk about Must Not See TV.
  • Stevie Wonder performing with The Jonas Fetuses? No ma'am.< /span>
  • Stevie Wonder getting his T-Pain on? Wow. Just wow.
  • Actually, Stevie Wonder is getting his Roger Troutman on. Now that I can get with.
  • Why couldn't they just let Stevie sing his damn song in peace?
  • All y'all Jonas Brother please sit down. IMMEDIATELY.
  • My side eye has left the building.
  • If I never hear "I Kissed A Girl" again in life.
  • Has Kanye made up with his barber yet?
  • Nope.
  • Kanye & Estelle have on coordinating shiny outfits. How cute!
  • Kanye had to slip that dig at the Grammys in. He's nothing if not consistent.
  • Adele FTBNAW....for the Best New Artist win!
  • Why was Adele walking to the stage like she was pregnant? She was waddling more than M.I.A
  • Better luck next year, Jazmine Sullivan. *sigh*
  • Morgan Freeman has what to do with music?
  • Oh, he was introducing his friend Kenny Chesney. Never pictured them as homies, but whatev.
  • Country nap! Wake me when this performance is done.
  • Herbie Hancock, Natalie Cole & Diddy? Mmkay. At least they're presenting and not performing together.
  • What DOES Natalie Cole have on? No ma'am.
  • It never fails that a song that I've never heard racks up a ton of awards. o_O
  • Queen Latifah looks good. Woulda done more with her hair, though. *shrug*
  • M.I.A. is all types of wrong for that outfit.
  • What's up with the black and white action, CBS?
  • Did Kanye, Jay-Z, TI and Lil Wayne not tell M.I.A. about the dress code? They're all tuxed up and she looka mess.
  • Lil Wayne doesn't look as repulsive in black and white. Maybe CBS was on to something?
  • Please don't fall down those stairs, M.I.A. PLEASE!
  • And Kate Beckingsale is on here because?
  • Paul McCartney time.
  • Kid Rock got his drank in his cup.
  • Adele
    and...Sugarland? This won't be as exciting as when they teamed up with
    Beyonce to do "Irreplaceable" on one of these awards.
  • So where's Adele?
  • Adele got her ghetto girl nails poppin.
  • They couldn't put Adele in a different frock for her performance? o_O At least she sounds great.
  • Is Gwyneth Paltrow's stylist in cahoots with Estelle and Kanye?
  • Requisite
    performance with a marching band? Check. The Grammys are definitely
    following the music awards show playbook to a T tonight.
  • Just saw Raphael Saadiq rocking his mustard yellow Civil Rights cut suit in the audience. Didn't see Nia Long, though.
  • Samuel L. Jackson introducing TI and Justin Timberlake. Him again?
  • Can't wait for the day until Justin Timberlake is out of style.
  • At least JT sounds better now than he did earlier.
  • OK, this TI performance has officially gone on for too long.
  • Requisite boring Grammy stuff. Blah, blah, blah.
  • I wonder if the music industry is gonna ask for a bailout?
  • Old Green Eyes, Smokey Robinson. Still pretty after all these years.
  • RIP Levi Stubbs.
  • Ne-Yo, Jamie Foxx, Smokey & the last Top. This was a good idea on paper.
  • This Four Tops tribute is NOT working. Such a pity.
  • What was that "Viagra Like Us"?
  • Neil Diamond time.
  • Now for the sad part of the show. Remembering those who left us. Relax in paradise, y'all.
  • Bo Diddley tribute. Y'all better play. I see you, BB King.
  • Another Lil Wayne performance? Give me a break.
  • At least he used Robin Thicke and didn't recycle Justin Timberlake again.
  • Lil Wayne looks like Roscoe from Martin.
  • The Dirty Dozen Brass Band FTW.
  • This was a surprisingly good Lil Wayne performance. Big up Allen Toussaint & Terrence Blanchard.
  • Does T-Pain have on 3D glasses?
  • does not look happy to be presenting with that clown.
  • I see you, Nas! Looking all good.
  • Lil Wayne wins Best Rap Album. Yeah, OK.
  • And the purpose of everyone and his grandma joining him on stage was what? This aint the BET Awards, man! SAHDOWN!
  • At least Wayne's acceptance speech was short, sweet and coherent. He must not have had his medicine tonight.
  • Hmm...Alison
    Krauss & Robert Plant performing now. I think we know who the next
    award will be going to. o_O Y'all aint slick, Grammys!!
  • Album of the Year...does not go to Lil Wayne!
  • So I guess this
    is it, huh? Another anti-climactic Grammy Awards comes to an end. Damn
    you, M.I.A. for not giving birth during "Swagga"!!
  • Oh, but wait...Stevie Wonder is closing the show!!
  • Glad that Stevie kicked the Jonas Brothers to the curb.
  • How dare they show commercials during Stevie's performance?
  • And that's all,
    folks. This year's Grammy Awards has been real. Real what, I'm still
    trying to figure that one out. Ciao for now!

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96 Responses

  1. You must be looking online since the show hasn't begun yet....

  2. i am proud of Chrisette, but i just don't get it.

  3. Yup, they showed the early awards online at

  4. Oh, now I get it...the Grammy's website--duh!!! I just saw SB's twitter feed on there! Cool!

  5. i don't know about anyone else, but i was so pleased to see Natalie Cole.

  6. yes, it was awesome to see natalie cole .... she looks so much better!
    where can i find out about chris brown? (sad i'm sweating a youngin', but I wannna know the dirt)...and what is tameka sweating ursher over now?

  7. Okay.,..just read up on it on bossip...they are so young....SO NOT excusing any domestic incidents...but I can totally see how this went down...they scream back and forth, she hits him, and he grabs her and shakes her....oh Lord...they are too young....
    so tameka had plastic surgery...why? and why do it out of the country?
    Okay, why does Paula Abdul always seem high or off? "He's from Lebanese" ?//??'s very sad...
    okay, since I'm not on twitter, I can't keep up with all these posts...Butta, I look forward to following your posts.

  8. @ DLS77: Wow. I actually just went to Bossip to see what that's all about. Now excuse me while I go stand in the shower, lol.

  9. I love JHud, but that album was far from the best R&B album of 2008. And was our fabulously restored Whitney talking like she was drunk or high, which was it?

  10. I knew it was only a matter of time before Black Americans began searching for a way to justify/defend a Black man assaulting a woman. NOT SURPRISED and you guys never fail to disappoint. You don't know if she initiated the assault or not, so fall back and wait for the facts. Sexists.

  11. I miss Memphis...sigh
    Whitney looked great...but...still a lil thing about cocaine...even if you can never hide the effects of long time's a shame..

  12. WTD was that performance? Yeah, cornfed I agree she did not deserve that win

  13. WTH was that? They couldn't find any other artist..And Justin who I like had to explain what his connection to Motown.. Memphis was...
    B2Men.. MotownPhilly, Al on Motown.. Couldn't they find someone else besides him.. I don't get it..Understand that he was last minute sub for Chris Brown but still.. He sounded good though.

  14. These mesh performances are killing me. First Justin and Al Green, now whatever this Jay Z and Coldplay mess is. Thank God they let Coldplay end it without Jay

  15. @Just Me...I assume you're addressing my post. I'm not justifying domestic violence by any means. It's reprehensible. HOWEVER, what I wrote was that unfortunatley, I'm sure their age played a part into this incident....had they been older and wiser they may have known how to walk away without taking things to the point of no return...
    anyway, all of this is specualtion since we weren't there nor do we know what really happened...I'm making assumptions..hopefully all of this is misinformation anyway
    lastly, I'm not sure why you felt the need to throw race into all of this...I'm sure you want to be incendiary....I probably even shouldn't reply to your post; however, I felt the need to...but this is it for me on the subject....
    I'm going back to the Grammy's...have a good evening...I'm sure you're trollin other blogs....

  16. they showed Solange briefly on the E! pre-show. that's the simplest and best i've ever seen her.

  17. Is it me or are the presenters' monologues extra wack this year. Maybe the teleprompters are too far, but everyone's delivery seems off to me.
    @dar- wish I had seen Solange. I like her.

  18. I am over the grammys.

  19. Estelle Just got robbed.. Everybody and their grand mum were rocking to American Boy..

  20. Who said Kid Rock could perform three songs?

  21. So, Kid Rock gets a set to himself while Al Green has to share with everybody and his momma?

  22. I may not make it through this performance. Neither Miley nor Taylor can sing worth a lick. This is making me want Kid Rock back..

  23. That was the most god-awful performance Ever. I wanted to give Miley an enema to help her.. Her face seemed like she was trying really hard.. but just not making it happen.

  24. LOL Wtf ARE Talyor Swift and Miley Cryus doing singing? SMH. Sound like two dying cats. And j you right, Al had to share with everyone LOL.

  25. am i the only one who got put in the corner by twitter? lol

  26. @DLS, I don't troll. I do, on the other hand, point out when I see the unfair treatment of a particular group. Your post (regardless of your later stated intent) pointed to a pattern among Black Americans to defend the ill treatment of women by Black men. Hence, I pointed that out. I don't regret doing so.
    I'm glad that you clarified your position, but your initial post still pointed to a pattern amongst this demographic. You may have wanted to state that age played a role, but in your initial post, you only mentioned the possibility of her hitting him if she must have done something to initiate/deserve the assault, based on their youth. I find that unfair and riddled with sexism.
    None of us were there and we should wait for the facts before judging (if we choose to judge). And a man hitting a woman should never be justified and is never deserved.

  27. Go ahead jennifer gave me chills....once again sorry for your loss....and by the way it wasn't pre-taped.

  28. JHud kept it together, but you can tell it's too soon for her to be back. It's all still too fresh on her. As phenomenal as she was with such a limp tune, you could tell she was holding back, lest she fall apart.

  29. Go ahead jennifer gave me chills....once again sorry for your loss....and by the way it wasn't pre-taped.

  30. First Al and Justin, now Stevie and the Jonas Brothers. Who's making these performance decisions over at the Grammys? Poor Stevie ... he's too good for this

  31. Stevie Wonder and the Jonas Brothers? WTH?! I know those boys need to address him as Mr. Wonder! "C'Mon what you got Stevie!" He is NOT your peer little boy...take a step back with all that.
    Stevie Wonder and auto-tune? what is going on?!

  32. It's looking like a Jennifer Hudson and Coldplay night tonight.

  33. BREAKING NEWS: 2010's Annual Grammy Awards will be referred to by its proper name, When Bridging the Gap Goes Wrong.

  34. Am I dead wrong for liking the Jonas brother style?

  35. LMAO DSL You right. And he was getting his Roger Troutman on.
    The performances are too meshed so far. So much going much I just don't care for. Can I just get one performance by one person? lol

  36. Dar's comment HAHHAHAHHAHA! While I am confessing, I am looking forward to Katy Perry's performance.

  37. The Jonas Fetuses...LMAO! They sound horrible...NEXT!!!!

  38. Why can't I delete my comment about katy perry??????

  39. LMAO Um wow...Katy? No. Sorry. and wtf is Kanye wearing lmao shiny suits are coming back? How come they have such a small stage....pffft.

  40. Kate Perry-So what, no Madonna/Britney Spears moment? oh yeah, this isn't MTV... she sounded pretty bad.
    I love Estelle, but she's not sounding that strong right now. I'm surprised.

  41. Wow Kanye stuck to the script...

  42. I'm "watching" the Grammy's vicariously through SB. Since I can't actually see it. Ugh!!!

  43. you ain't missed a damn thing, chynadoll.

  44. Jazmine was robbed!!!

  45. Did Ye really have to mention he's giving out the best new artist award even though he never won it? Sigh. I think something really is wrong with him and the hair alone is a sign something's not right. I was holding out for Jazzy for best new artist, but Adele got it. Has Adele even had more than one single?

  46. How awkward was that? Estelle had to give an award to Adele.

  47. Stevie trying to be relevant through auto-tunes is just the kind of thing to get me to stop writing about soul once and for all.

  48. They just had to have Estelle present it to her too lmao jokes.
    But really...Jazzy got robbed big time.

  49. don't be so harsh on Stevie. he has been at the forefront of technology for decades, in both studio recording and live performances. the vocoder is nothing new for him.

  50. Natalie Cole just gets better looking with age. This lady is timeless.

  51. They kept all the rap categories for last. I guess it's gonna get hood starting now. Why MIA? Why? What does she have on?

  52. @A. Why is that awkward? Is there a Estelle/Adele beef going on?

  53. What's up with the low mics or did somebody piss of the band?

  54. Lil Wayne looks surprisingly somewhat put together and his locks don't look dirty like usual. But MIA looks a blazing hot mess. That poor child inside is probably upset about being covered by that

  55. Why are the mics so low?

  56. Lol T-Pain looked like he was mad he wasn't apart of the performance haha.
    I hope M.I.A.'s pregnancy goes well 😀

  57. Ahh LAWD...why are they making this like they're the new Brat pack? No....
    the b&w....geez louise
    wow, MIA is REALLY preggers.... please ya'll watch out for her...
    @dar- you're right Stevie has been innovative for a long time, so I'm sure the auto-tune/vocoder thing wasn't new for him, but it just seemed so contrived to do it now when everyone with much lesser talent than he is doing it nowadays
    what is with all these actors at the grammys?

  58. @chynadoll
    Estelle made comments about the British music industry that some believed were anti- blue eyed soul. The story was covered here at Soul Bounce:

  59. @A. Thanks.

  60. @ DLS77: i don't think it was contrived at all. if anything, i think it was Stevie (probably speaking for other pioneers in the game as well) saying to T-Pain and his comrades, "let me show you how to do this, son." it's gross how some of these young bucks act like they discovered America with this AutoTune/vocoder stuff . . . actually claiming rights to it and stuff, like noooooobody ever used that before. what's worse is they do it hoping that the younger fans won't realize how much of a fraud they are. they know that a lot of people don't have the same knowledge or frame of reference that an older person might have. so that's all i'm saying. i just think Stevie was throwing a little jab.

  61. Okay, why am I feeling the chick from Sugarland's vocals enuff to buy their CD? Gone 'head country gal. Country always surprises me with these big voiced belters.

  62. And what is the deal with the f*&kin' mics?!!!

  63. @ cornfed I thought I was the only one. Her vocals are very on point. Carrie Underwood's performance was FIRE too btw...not her outfit though.

  64. @dar- I feel ya...I just don't know if the youngins' will even get it in all honesty. I doubt they really graps the WONDER that is Stevie...hopefully I'm wrong

  65. Cornfed I am with you- Sugarland caught me off guard and listen to country occasionally.

  66. @DLS77: Here's footage of Stevie performing with the "Talk Box"
    It's sad that most of the younger generation thinks T-Pain invented the sound. That's where I have a problem with the T-Pain's and the Kanye's of the world...claiming to be innovators when they've only copied from greats like Stevie. And too insecure in their own talent to admit where they got it from.

  67. Thanks ChynaDoll.
    Okay, I've been sleeping. I've heard of Radiohead, but never heard them...I like this song....

  68. Radiohead's performance was sick. I have to check out more of their stuff.
    @ Chyna - you're def right about the younger generation not knowing about where a lot of techniques in music, and the samples for that matter come from. So they get pissy when they get checked lol. All about doin' your homework.

  69. I feel the need to go there with these Stevie supporters misreppin my comments. I'm no kid. I'm 34 and own every CD of Stevie's including live, imports and every compilation. I even bought the digitally remastered joints of albums I ever had. My comments aren't reflective of the glory Stevie has been, they are a criticism of the first single on his new album which is doing more than just sportin' a vocoder; he is also using the auto-tune technique. For those not in the know auto-tune is NOT the same as a vocoder. It is a production technique. For more info:

  70. I read that Justin Timberlake was called in to replace the fugitive. I mean Chris Brown.

  71. @ cornfed: no, i wasn't speaking about you, but in general about the typical younger fan who may not have the widest perspective about issues like this. i feel like i'm preaching to the choir here, so i made it a point to talk specifically about those people. no disrespect to you at all if that's how it was taken. i definitely know the diff between the vocoder and autotune, i just put them together for the sake of simplification.

  72. Correction: Chris Brown is no longer a fugitive. He has turned himself in to the police. Lawd this is a mess!!!

  73. We good, dar. Now, is it just me or do you also have a sneaking suspicion that the people are going to drain all the meaning out of "Yes We Can," until it is a toothless, meaningless cliche ripe for parody? Sigh.

  74. LOL Cornfed you right.
    Ok so they can get Neyo and Jamie Foxx to sing here but they can't get Boyz II Men to do it?!? Wtf is them singing background? Please...

  75. @ cornfed: to answer your question simply . . . yes, they will, given people's nature to run things into the ground and generally devalue things that should be held dear.

  76. Dang alot of black folks died....

  77. Grammy F-Up #4080:
    too many repeat performers, babyyyyy . . .

  78. I really enjoyed the Robin Thicke and Lil' Wayne performance

  79. I had such low expectations when I heard Lil Wayne's name announced, but this actually wasn't too bad. He brought some culture, his verses actually had real words in them and Robin Thicke was there 🙂 Let's hope he doesn't do anything to mess this up before I finish typing

  80. See if only Lil Wayne would use his powers for good more often...He really is intelleigent and talented....that is why I usally get so frustrated with him....
    this is a beautiful song
    he has collaboed with Robin Thicke for quite a few songs
    They ain't really 2nd lining like they could

  81. OH, Ok, so Lil Wayne let T Pain bring the foolishness. I knew it was coming. And of course out of Jay, Lupe and Nas, Lil Wayne won best rap album. After the rest of tonigh'ts awards I'm not suprised

  82. kudos to Lil Wayne for doing something both timely and culturally relevant.

  83. @Butta...wouldn't you have looked at that buffanoonin' cornball like that too? poor keeps on reinforcing the fact that he need not speak......

  84. There's that song! Arrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Okay was it just me or was this Grammys even more underwhelming than usual?

  85. was fun ya'll....the Grammy's were wack, but the true SB peeps were great!
    Good night.

  86. underwhelming ain't the word! i'm reminded why i haven't watched in the last three years. i want a refund or something.

  87. Where are my PST people? Anyone watching? Or, were you already spoiled by the internet like me?

  88. Ne-Yo is so overrated. In a perfect world, Phonte would've been a part of the Four Tops' tribute.
    Though I dug that Radiohead performance & the tribute to New Orleans, overall this year's Grammy's were unimpressive. T-Pain & Kanye's egocentric remarks didn't fail to disgust me & Robin Thicke proves yet again he's the artist Justin Timberlake WISHES he could be.
    Oh yeah, my heart goes out to J-HUD for having the [insert respective female anatomy parts] to pull off that performance without breaking down. What a pro & strong woman.

  89. Laydee J, this has always been one of my favorite Radiohead joints. Check it out:

  90. ok Did anyone notice that Whitney was DRUNK out of her wig. She still looked the best she has in YEARS!

  91. Avatar

    "Come on Stevie" "Show um what you got" like he's some old singer who is doing a token performance. Any toleration of the "Jon-ASS" brothers I was developing has completly been erashed. Good Grief.
    Kid rock aside from his blasphemy sounded the best out of all the non R&B/Soul performances.
    Jay-Z was ass, and it was laughable how fall he's fallen in recent years, when you are upstaged by Lil Wayne and Kanye on the same stage.
    The 4 tops thing was cool, DAMN what is smokY eating and drinking? That man still looks the same. LOL
    J-Hud did her thing.
    Lil Wayne performance was one of the best rap performances. His words were clear and his mic sounded good. Robin T. Did his best Marvin Gaye riffs.
    TI and JT.. Blah
    Cold Play.. OK, not great
    Dare I say JT sounded better than Rev Al? He has not been putting much effort in as of late

  92. Avatar

    I couldn't watch the show last night, but thanks to SoulBounce I feel like I didn't miss a beat! As exciting as the nominations were, I'm so not surprised by who actually won. More things change, the more they stay the same. But how pissed am I that Jazzy didn't win one. single. award. That one I didn't expect. TRAVESTY! And what is this Chris Brown nonsense??? Lawd Jesus!

  93. THANK YOU, Mutada! At least I wasn't the only one who noticed the Jonas catastrophy. Now, I happen to think the Jonas Brothers are a cool & talented pack in their own right. "Burnin' Up" is a universal, feel-good pop song that could've easily been a big hit 10 or 20yrs. ago.
    However, their biggest mistake came when they [musically] tried to put themselves in the same ballpark as Stevie Wonder--which is damn near impossible; especially to some fresh faced Disney pop teens who've been on the scene less than five years. All the grunting, woo-ing, & cues like "Come on Stevie, show 'em whatcha got!" just came across as a very forced soulfulness. Some white folks naturally have it (Teena Marie, Michael McDonald, Christina Aguilera, Robin Thicke, George Michael, Daryl Hall, etc) & some don't. The Jonas Brothers don't.
    They're young & still growing as an act, but somebody needs to tell them not to EVER do that again. If they just did what the Jonas Bros. do best & have been THEMSELVES; not whimsically throwing on some invisible James Brown cape, they would've been okay. Not great, but OKAY.

  94. Robin Thicke proves yet again he's the artist Justin Timberlake WISHES he could be.