New Videos from Chester French, Jimmie Reign & Damani

Once again this week's roundup of new videos has a little something for everybody. Up first is Chester French for the hipster
set with the video for their song "She Loves Everybody." The subject of the song shows the duo no love with the butt whoopin' she gives them in the black and white video. Ouch! Next is Cali girl Jimmie Reign for the R&B lovers with the video for "Different Person," a cautionary tale of drinking and clubbing. For the second week on a row, we're rounding out the roundup with a video about Adidas. This time around rapper Damani jacks Run-DMC's beat for his "Adidas." Nostalgic hip hop heads should feel it.  

Chester French: "She Loves Everybody"

Jimmie Reign: "Different Person"

Damani: "My Adidas"

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2 Responses

  1. I've listened to Jimmie Reign's music for the last 2 1/2 years and she is the TRUTH!
    However, this is very "Different" from her usual pieces. But I can still enjoy it because her voice is the HOTNESS!
    Thanx SoulBounce for the Post!!!

  2. That entire Jimmie Reign video was filmed at a lounge that my friends and I frequent. Those white cushions surrounded by brick walls and sheer curtains had me saying, "whoa, I sat there last week" lol


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