Peter Hadar Delivers A Delicious Valentine

peter_hadar_plaid.jpgYou're going to want to do yourself a favor and put those chocolates you bought for Valentine's Day on ice before you listen to this sizzling, free EP from Peter Hadar. (Or place them within arm's reach and dim those lights if that's how you like to play.) She's 4 Months is concentrated sexy bound to overheat and melt many things, so be sure you're absolutely prepared for what it instigates when you press play. The next single is "Sweat," and if it doesn't have you "biting your lip like you should" and considering canceling those reservations you made for this Saturday, your Valentine's forecast is 75% less sultry with a decreased chance of titillation. Listen to "Sweat" below while you're downloading the fodder for a memorable weekend--or few hours--and stay tuned for Butta's exclusive Behind The Groove with Peter later this week.

Peter Hadar: "Sweat"


Peter Hadar: She's 4 Months [Download]

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7 Responses

  1. dude looks like a serial killer in his plaid shirt, poor man Michael Jackson gloves and hunters cap:-)

  2. WOW StonyIsland u need a hug. Listen to the music, and im sure u dont have style.Talking like that .I think his style is great!

  3. His music is nice!!!!! However, that picture is unique!!!!

  4. Liking the music.
    I love that look, I want that look, I'm going to get dressed in the dark while the house is on fire too! That man has nerve.

  5. This album is FIRE! Ya'll need to fall back! This man is creative in many ways... something that is really missing right now! Open ur mind and stop hatin!

  6. I've loved every track posted on Soulbounce from this dude. I'm buying the album.

  7. Feeling the "Sweat" song.
    That damn cover is scaring me though. But that didn't stop me for downloading it.
    Thanks SoulBounce.