Revisiting Michael Jackson’s Golden Years


I don't know of too many adult vocalists (male or female) who sound better than Michael Jackson did when he was still in his formative stages. Young Michael's range and phrasing surprise me to this day--just take this early performance for example. . There was always this undeniable combination of purity and impossible experience that colored Michael Jackson's music during those years, and it was so evident in his delivery. In 2008, UMG and Motown released Michael's edition of their fantastic double-disc Gold series, which focuses on his solo recordings for Motown and a smattering of Jackson 5 hits.

This 32-track collection features some gems from 1971-1975, as well as a handful of tracks that appeared years later. Among "Got to Be There," "Ben" and "Rockin' Robin," there are some slept-on classics like "We're Almost There" (which DJ Spinna later tweaked into a venerable classic), and the delicate "Music and Me." Among these standouts is 1973's "With a Child's Heart." The ballad (first sung by Stevie Wonder in 1966) showcases Mike's most pristine and poignant vocal performance of the era:

is an excellent anthology of Michael Jackson's teen years, a period oft-ignored by fans. It provides a sturdy bridge between J5 and the material of The Jacksons. Click and cop!

Michael Jackson Gold [Amazon][iTunes]

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  1. My jam was It's to late to change the time...That was my Ish!!!
    They can say what they want about Mike, he's still the Thiller!!! HEHE

  2. Awww. Look @ little Michael.

  3. To be honest, when I hear MJ's childhood songs I always get a twinge of sadness. I feel for the little shy boy who was sooooo talented, yet only wanted to be a kid. He was never really afforded that chance....and we ALL know how he was affected..... 🙁

  4. DL, I have the same thought. I actually got emotional just looking at his picture above and I am saddened just by the comparison in his physical appearance from then to now......

  5. I know, almost makes you want to cry, right? He was so handsome and didn't even it know it.....poor baby

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    Michael’s “childhood”, has nothing to do with his bizarre adult behavior. Michael made choices. He chose to keep letting surgeons cut his face open. He chose to spend his money and live above his means. He chose to act, talk and dress bizarre. He chose to surround him self with sycophants and shady people. And he chose to surround himself with children…
    I don’t believe all that "lost child hood” folklore Michael and his machine have been shoving down our throats all these years. Did he miss a few Christmas presents and a birthday cake or too? Sure. Did he work most of his childhood, on the road and keep a tight schedule? Sure. Was Joe Jackson hard on the “boys”? Of course! Just like nearly every other black father of that era. I'm sure he got his ass whooped, with belts. Like 99% of the other black kids in America. But a kid in Ethiopia, Darfur or The Gaza strip would trade anything to have his “childhood”

  7. I must agree on Afro-Michael's phrasing. Compare his version of "Love is Here and Now You're Gone" the Diana Ross & The Supremes'. He put some real angst into that song. I've loved his version since I was a child.

  8. Beautiful.
    That voice was a little piece of heaven on earth.

  9. Thanks for the contibution!!!

  10. Great thank You !
    Good job 🙂

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  13. thank you soooooo much for this

  14. he's so beautiful, bless his soul

  15. HiiS MuSiiK iiS LEGIIT!!!

  16. ohhohoho~~ it's very bombardning best.

  17. Very interesting site. Hope it will always be alive!

  18. i love michael thru all his era but people be sleeping on 1973-1978 i think those were some of his best years vocally, he has so many dman gems people don't kow about.

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    Mr.Micheal your the boom.....................


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