Royce Da 5’9″ Illustrates A Man’s Biggest Fantasy And Worst Nightmare

Lest you thought that Royce Da 5'9" had fallen off, he is coming back with a vengeance in '09. His new album, Street Hop, hits streets and shelves on April 21st, and the video for the first single, "Part Of Me," popped up online today and it is quite a doozy. Royce welcomes viewers into the "5'9" Zone" of the black-and-white, Rik Cordero-directed video that takes a very literal interpretation of the story told in song's lyrics. The video starts off innocently enough with a dude kicking the willie bobo to some broad at a bar, then another chick rolls up, a freak ménage à trois jumps off back at the hotel and by the time it's all over the dude loses a little part of himself. The first time I watched this video I was left bug-eyed and slack-jawed at the end, and I suspect you may be, too. Let this be a lesson, fellas.

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4 Responses

  1. Quite possibly the most traumatizing video I've seen in quite some time....

  2. OOUUCCHH!!!!!!! I'm not a dude, but all I can say is OOUUCCHH!!! That's a punishment that should only be reserved for rapists and pedophiles....

  3. wow, just wow, as the video goes on you know he's going to get robbed, that has got to be the worst ending EVER, I

  4. Makes you long for Lionel and that blind girl...