Should Diddy Press Stop?

bitch_ass_diddy.jpgGiven the recent drama surrounding Danity Kane's eventful dissolution, it seems appropriate to bring forth a subject that has danced around the minds of many (in a shiny suit, perhaps). That topic is Diddy's uncanny inability to keep a group together. It is a plague, people. Some may say that this curse extends into Bad Boy's solo acts as well, but most notably, it is the teams that have struggled. It is one thing to have success, but if you want your group to have longevity, too, you may want to steer clear. It seems that if Sean Combs is involved, the turmoil will be closer to you than a second skin. It certainly didn't begin with the girls from Danity Kane. Members of Total, Dream, B5, Bad Boy's Da Band, and even ill-fated rock act Fuzzbubble could probably all attest to the idea that signing to Bad Boy is more like being on Death Row (pun intended).

Whether the group was dropped, dissolved, or dipped out on their own, the end result is often the same: death. The boys of Day26 may
want to get their legal documents in order, and (if necessary) get
their lives right with the Lord. After all, even a legendary group like
New Edition struggled throughout their short stint with Bad Boy
(2002-2004). As we have seen, the pressure would have sent a lesser
group spiraling into obscurity, with individual members not knowing
which way to turn.

What say you? Is it that hard to maintain a group under Diddy's
leadership? Is it the added pressure of being on television (in some
cases)? Is it time for Diddy to end his quest to find a great group?

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23 Responses

  1. SB, I think you may be the first ones to put in writing what I and many, many, many others have been thinking for quite some time.
    I wonder if Diddy is suffering from the 'jack-of-all-trades' syndrome. He has is hands in so many areas(clothes, cologne, alcohol, reality tv, marketing firm, etc.). Could it be that he doesn't have the time any more to fully develop an artist or group?
    I also wonder if Diddy's musical 6th sense is gone. Just because someone can sing...does not mean they have what it takes to make it in the business. Diddy seems to keep putting together groups that have surface level talent, but not the "it" factor to have longevity or carve out a career in the business.
    I never saw anything remotely appealing or interesting about Day26 or Danity Kane.

  2. I'm just gonna put it out there. None of the groups, past and present, on Bad Boy (aside from New Edition) could really sing. I don't care how catchy 112 or Total's songs were, even they couldn't sing to me. Slim always sounded like he was singing through a fan and the ladies of Total sounded nasaly. All of the groups had average vocals and nothing was special about them. But Puff was a marketing genius in the 90's and pitched a singing rat backed by snazzy hip hop tracks, and people would buy its cds.
    When it stared becoming the "All About Puff" show, everything about Bad Boy went downhill. When you're into any and everything, there's no way in hell that you can put all of your focus into one thing. When his focus became averted, his acts fell by the wayside.

  3. Diddy doesn't seem to be able to give the time needed to develop his artists, which may be why they fall to the wayside. I think Diddy may be too self-asborbed to invest in the success of his artists.

  4. totally agree with him being too self absorbed. Diddy has always wanted the limelight, and he is more of a superstar than any of his artists, by his own doing. I know ya'll have seen that Puffy is Poison clip on youtube...its soooooo true!

  5. back in Bad Boys hey he had a roster of TRUE artist that could all hold their own. Diddy is bad business all around even his solo artists don't have much good to say about him. Faith even said in her book that she doesnt agree with his business practices when it comes to his artists. I'm sure Day 26 will be singing the blues soon enough.

  6. Diddy was never about the music, he was about being as famous and rich as possible. Too many artist have all said the same thing about dealing with him, but on the flip side it's called business for a reason and I have no problem with him taking advantage of any fool dumb enough to not have an attorney look over their contracts. I mean puffy went from taking clothes out the trunk of a car in Doug E Fresh summertime video to being one of the riches young black cats around, I also respect how he treated Biggie's mom after he passed. That said once puffy started making serious paper Bad Boy became a side venture, we all know Biggie was his meal ticket but during their prime Bad Boy as a label put out more good music then any rap label in the history of rap.

  7. stoneyisland, you just killed me with the mention of the Summertime video. that's a real "oh snap" moment right there.

  8. I don't know why anyone would want to work for Diddy. He's an asshole and a terrible manager. I am so glad I am not the only person who chooses not idolize or glorify his terrible management of artists and poor people skills. it's like he's taking notes from a 'dean' of a fraternity and treats everyone like they're below him... ugh

  9. Diddy really doesnt do anything. He said it before that when he comes in the studio the tracks that are made by someone else are already set up by the engineer when he gets there. He doesnt do much. He just found loop holes to get paid off of other people so he can feed his umpteeth kids and continue to support people with no real talent i.e. Cassie

  10. Puffy is Poison, and it is clear he is only doing this for his own gain. While HIS artists struggle in his shadow to have their talent transcend to success (janelle monae, cheri dennis), luke warm artists, including Mr. Combs receive rebirth constantly.

  11. Thank you for this post, it speaks massive truth. Diddy/Puffy whatever, got bigger than his britches. It was okay when he was producing for the likes of Faith, Biggie and Mary J. back in the day, but when he started promoting/producing these lousy groups/singers and doing Making The Band for the umpteenth time, it got old REAL fast, and the music wasn't even good. Acts like Cassie, DK and Day26 are pure jokes...and it proves that if you know the right people, you can be a star.
    I feel for Janelle Monae...she should get out while the gettin' is good, cause I'd hate to see her promising career get the disease known as Puffy Syndrome...
    LMAO at the Doug E Fresh vid...Puffy was also in a Stacy Lattisaw video as a "backup dancer

  12. I agree with the comments that Puffy has his fingers in too many pies. He dosn't pay enough attention to his artists, but as long as they have a couple of hit singles then he will be laughing all the way to the bank.
    Janelle Monae is in serious danger of disappearing of all our radars unless she gets away from Puffy ASAP. Since her signing to Bad Boy we havn't really heard a peep. Ok we had the re-release of her first suite, but most of us had that already. We need some new stuff!
    Note to self: dig out the Total CD's

  13. yes...i agree, it is time for puffy to press stop. he turns 40 in november and has become a bitter, mocking shell of his former self. his 90's heyday is memorable, but well past its expiration date. it's past time to call it a career, diddy.

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    WE all know that Sean Combs (I'm tired of keeping up with his ridiculous reincarnations) should've pressed STOP like 10 years ago, but the reality is that he's here to stay. Dude is a monster, but he's put his hands in enough pots to have things going for awhile. He just needs to officially bow out of the music game, because it's clear his heart isn't in it. He made it to the top while sucessfully smashing the careers of those beneath him, whether their talent warranted success or not, so he's happy as can be. And I agree that Janelle Monae needs to run like HELL. She'll be successful because she has real talent, she doesn't need Sean one bit.
    P.S. happy to see dar join the SB crew! (I'm not late on that am I? Sorry if I am)

  15. Diddy is a retard. Whether or not anyone liked Danity Kane, he is a idiot to break them up just as they were gaining momentum. That is just bad business.

  16. @ miss concrete jungle:
    thanks so much. you're not very late at all.

  17. Why all the hate on Puff and Day 26 wow. I know Cassie ain't a strong singer but she doesn't deserve to get talked about like a dog. To the person who said 112 can't sing and Slim can't sing needs to listen to some 112 records because all four of them could blow. Slim was a easy target to get talked about badly because his voice isn't deep but Mike has that gritty soulful baritone, Q and Daron both have that smooth tenor and Daron can do falsetto too. Slim has a higher tenor and falsetto but they can all sing. They are not garbage and listen to their harmonies on songs too. If you hear a 112 song you know it's them and you know Slim's voice. The reason I knew So Fly was Slim by himself was because you didn't hear the good backing harmonies that Q, Daron, and now ex-112 member Mike gave him. They are coming back with a new album this year minus Mike so it's just Q, Slim, and Daron. Plus it's not Diddy's fault why they might have dissapeared for a minute it's because they left Bad Boy to go to Def Jam which was a worse decision because Lyor Cohen had a vandetta against Diddy for some reason and took his group. When he and Kevin Liles left and went to Atlantic L.A. Reid took over as chairman but he messed everything up. He got rid of the whole Def Soul squad and threw some of their artists under the bus like Dru Hill, Kelly Price, Musiq Soulchild, Montell Jordan, Case, and 112. He even stated he didn't really want Jagged Edge on Island Urban Music with Jermaine Dupri which part of the reason JD left Island and took his whole So So Def roster with him because L.A. Reid said Jagged Edge were too hood no lie. He didn't like Bobby Valentino which is why he ended up leaving DTP because his contract was through Def Jam and once L.A. Reid dropped him he was off DTP, same goes with Steph Jones. All he's been doing was promoting Rhinna like she's the best they had that's why Def Jam is so garbage the only R&B group they have over there is Brutha when they had Dru Hill, Playa, 112, Jagged Edge, and good rap groups, rap artists like LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Run-DMC, DMX, Method Man, Redman, Ja Rule, and R&B solo artists like Montell Jordan, Case, Kelly Price, Musiq Soulchild even Sisqo was signed there as a solo artist before L.A. Reid dropped Dru Hill in 2005. L.A. Reid screwed more people over than Diddy. The reason Diddy broke Danity Kane was because he went through his female groups fighting with each other before. Total and Dream. Total just broke up because Keshia from Total married Omar Epps because she was dating Pam and she broke up with her for Omar Epps so they did it to themselves. No lie they were dyking. She dated Missy and Da Brat too no lie.

  18. Another thing about L.A. Reid he was supposed to release Jazz of Dru Hill's solo album Been Through It All around 2004 or 2005 but he told Dru Hill their Dru World Order album wasn't great and didn't sell so he had to get rid of deadwate and said he ain't releasing anything from the Dru Hill camp that meant group albums and solo albums from Sisqo, Nokio, and Jazz. Scola told them ya'll stupid for signing that contract to put the group in limbo and because he was making fun of the other members he was kicked out by Woody and Nokio. He feels salty toward the two but said good things about Jazz and Sisqo. Scola was flashing money on his myspace and on youtube saying he could afford to go oversees and do shows off Dru Hill's name and Woody saw it and was upset so that's why Scola's out the group. Then on the radio Woody left Dru Hill for a second time to do gospel his second gospel album is coming this year. He was replaced by a singer from Annapolis, Maryland called Antwuan "Tao" Simpson and Jazz, Sisqo, Nokio, and Tao are coming out with InDRUpendence Day this year.

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    ummmm....huh?? I'm sorry lol, just got totally lost.

  20. I was just saying there's a label worse than signing to Bad Boy nowadays and it's Def Jam because L.A. Reid lost his way with good music I mean he was a artist himself back in the 80s with the group The Deele with Babyface and Babyface is even signed to Island Def Jam but many people don't know because L.A. even doesn't promote his longtime friend and writing and producing partner. Bobby even said L.A. Reid lost his way because he doesn't know he released more albums after Don't Be Cruel. One minute he supports you and when he feels your not hot anymore he acts like he's a enemy look at Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, and Boyz II Men he had all those acts at Arista and that one album Boyz II Men did with Arista Full Circle wasn't promoted by L.A. Reid which is one of the reasons they got rid of him there. He said Boyz II Men wasn't the same group they were when he and Babyface wrote some of their biggest hits I mean some of them Babyface wrote by himself. He said the group was washed up and they weren't just good anymore. He had the nerve to say i got better acts like Usher and Pink and it's sad to say but he thought they were better than his veteran artists.

  21. @ Jermaine Harding:
    this easily could have been a Def Jam post. you are correct there.
    it's troubling to see the path the some of these executives have taken (namely Diddy, L.A. Reid & yes, Jermaine Dupri). i don't wanna talk too greasy, but i think i speak for a lot of people when i say that there has been way too much inconsistency with their respective labels, even with all of their successes. i don't want to solely lay the blame on them, but the facts are there. too many angry artists. WAY too many misdirected projects and vaporized albums. we have to also include the wayward state of the industry, but you can't help but think that it's all "chicken or the egg" at this point.

  22. You can't put Jermaine Dupri in that category though it was all L.A. Reid's fault that JD's new acts didn't pop off because he told JD his So So Def label or Janet Jackson wasn't the priority plus that Janet album was L.A. Reid's work JD only produced two songs and when it failed JD became the scapegoat. He overpowers the ones who have their own deals at Def Jam like Jermaine Dupri, Ludacris, he even got rid of Irv Gotti because of 50 Cent's hating self he snitched on Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff and said he gave Irv Gotti drug money to start Murder Inc. along with his brother Chris Lorenzo. He said I'm gonna kill Ja Rule's career one way or the other and I'm gonna get the feds involved and he said once he's done Def Jam wouldn't wanna deal with Murder Inc. no more so once he snitched on Supreme, Irv Gotti, Chris Gotti, Ja Rule and them the feds busted in Murder Inc.'s offices and sezied everyone and arrested the Gotti brothers on some bullshit charges but they got off. 50 got mad they got off too. Ja said 50 is nothin but a bitch snitch nigga tryin to ruin my career by putting my label in limbo and putting my boss in jail. That's when 50 took it too far the beef wasn't no fake beef he took it too far and they ain't never gonna stop feuding because of that. See Irv was gonna be in line for the president of Def Jam because of everyone he was bringing to The Inc. when he signed Bobby Brown L.A. was impressed with Irv Gotti's business since to get the King Of R&B to sign with Murder Inc. but once the feds came into the situation L.A. kicked the whole Murder Inc. Crew off Def Jam and told Irv. Ja Rule, and them never to come back to Def Jam offices so he had to find a new distribution label home in Universal Motown then Ashanti tried to distance herself saying she can't ride with the Murder Inc. through this because she wanted to keep her image clean. 50 made it worse by sayin he might sign Ashanti to G-Unit then Nelly tried to take her to Derrty Ent. which is through Universal Motown like The Inc. She realized she was by herself except for Vita in wanting leave. Vita left but Ashanti stayed and Lloyd almost left too but they worked it out with Irv Gotti and Ja Rule and Ashanti are back cool again cause they reunited and performed together.


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