Siik Teaches Us Our ABC’s

After making Beyoncé's "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" more readily digestible, a lot of folks 'round these parts were checking for Los Angeles area beat freak Siik. For those still not knowing, here's three more remixes to get you familiar:

Let's start this off right. We have Baby Girl's sensuous swan song "Rock the Boat," paired up with Common's track "Be" intro from the album of the same name. Siik retains only the second half of the Aaliyah's vocals from her song, yet it still makes for a very compelling two minutes. This is something you might want to start a mixtape off with. Hearing those angelic vocals over one of Kanye's most memorable instrumentals is a sheer joy.

Aaliyah: "Rock the Boat" (Siik Remix)

For the life of me, I cannot identify this beat. My gut says it's
something from Pete Rock or Premier, but I am not sure. At any rate, we
have Brandy's first-ever single "I Wanna Be Down" receiving a classic
NY makeover. Can anyone provide some sample information on this one?

Brandy: "I Wanna Be Down" (Siik Remix)

AIRBODY remembers "I Wish, " the beautifully bittersweet gem
from Carl Thomas' first album, Emotional. Here Siik couples the vocals with
a criminally underrated track from DJ Jazzy Jeff, "My Soul Ain't for
Sale" featuring Raheem DeVaughn, a song which in turn borrowed its melody
from Bobby Caldwell's "What You Won't Do for Love."

Carl Thomas: "I Wish" (Siik Remix)

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6 Responses

  1. hey the brandy & carl tracks aren't working. that aaliyah track though is fresh shit. good looking. i am like the stuff i am hearing from silk.

  2. how do i download songs from quicktime

  3. Avatar

    wow, this dude's mixes are great...

  4. @ chickypoo: instead of left-clicking on the song's link (@ to get to the Quicktime player, right click and "save as," or what have you.
    BTW all, all tracks are working now. xO)

  5. Aw, the Brandy remix is cute. The happy, 90s hip-hop groove's really working for me.

  6. yo dar, the beat i used for the brandy beat is people under the stairs - back on the block. they're really chill. peace!


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