Will This New Track From The Alchemist, Maxwell & Twista Make You ‘Smile’?

alchemist_maxwell_twista.JPGUpon hearing the news that Maxwell would be singing on a new track from The Alchemist's forthcoming CD, Chemical Warfare, we broke out the Champipple here at SBHQ like any true Max fans would. Then we heard that rapid-fire MC Twista would be on the cut and our side eyes fluttered ever so slightly at the thought but kept hope alive noentheless. Now that the track has hit our collective eardrums and we've had time to digest it, reaction is mixed at best. Yes, our beloved Maxy does his duty on the hook, but overall it's been described as a "mess" and "aight." Yikes! Not exactly a hit around these parts. We'll just return to impatiently waiting for Maxwell's official first single and playing Urban Hang Suite on repeat.

The Alchemist feat. Maxwell & Twista: "Smile"

The Alchemist: Chemical Warfare [Amazon 4/7]

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13 Responses

  1. i heard this yesterday and i really dig it; were def inching our way cloder to his new CD!!

  2. @Bree: I hope it won't take a Lifetime.

  3. The only part of the song I like IS Maxy singing. I feel like The Alchemist and especially Twista are intruding.
    Ok. Back to waiting on BSN.

  4. Avatar

    What the hell is this? Some ol' "Slow Jamz" 2009 version 2.0 ? This track sounds like some old throw away Kanye West Circa ->College Drop Out.
    1."Soul sample like" arrangement? check
    2. Kanye's old Bongos and Conga's check
    3. Twista? Check
    .... Maxwell sounded good

  5. I'm diggin it!

  6. Not feelin it. Hope there aren't too many collaborations on the new Maxwell album...

  7. Now as a music connoisseur and a maxy lover....the track its self sounds like a re-hashed, dusted off, kanye leftover, but the hook is cool..all im sayin' is ..Can A Sista get an Instrumental with just the hook. Twista not included...

  8. you guys are so critical of any track that variates from the norm, evenly slightly. I mean, the soulful vocals are back! To me, Twista sounds exactly the same on each joint he hops on, but i'm not so sure it takes away from the song so much as to say it's a "mess"...MAXWELL's back!!

  9. I like it. Now, would I like it if Max weren't on it?...."prolly" not....Twista is Twista...whatevs...and I swear The Alchemist sounds like LL Cool J...but overall, not a bad can get rotation

  10. wow, that was a lot. Its just a lot of elements on one song. However, Maxwell sounds beautiful, the beat is hot, and Twista is like no otha, so I can dig it.

  11. It actually does sound like an old Kanye joint lol But it's a cool song. I'd add it to the shuffle on the iPeezy...but I wouldn't mind having the instrumental with just Maxwell's part.
    I hope Maxwell doesn't start singing hooks on every rappers album though. we don't need him turning into Nate Dogg 2.0

  12. I thought it had a good beat...I'm a Maxwell fan but I thought the song was nice I would put it on my ipod and I'm 54 years old but I still love good music rather it be rap or R&B...but I think Maxwell is the reason that I like this song pretty good!!!


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