An ‘Epiphany’ About Chrisette Michele’s Hairstyle

10 Responses

  1. HaHa! I still think it's cute though.

  2. So wrong... BUT So right..

  3. HAHAHAHA! She reminded me of a who from whoville.

  4. We clown on those we love.

  5. she looks like that sista from america's next top model eve pigford(?)

  6. *Smh* but LOLs! On another note, is anyone else getting a Phyllis Hyman vibe from her?

  7. personally, i think it's fresh. we got so many of these ladies rocking these obvious weaves that don't even complement them . . . it's nice to see ladies like Chrisette and others working with what they have and still increasing their style quotient. you can do more with less, for sure. i'm really feeling the short styles on ladies right now; it's a turn-on for me.

  8. That is too funny! I absolutely love her new look. It's fresh, cutting edge and classy - all at the same time. She does give off a little Phyllis Hyman vide, but I think it's mixed with the raspiness of Billie Holiday. It's exactly what the music industry needs. A beautiful, talented, nonBeyonce wanna-be (not hatin - just need more diverse acts). This girl's got talent. I wish her many blessings!

  9. Very funny... but she's so cute, it suits her. I can't say a bad word about Chrisette, considering I absolutely adore Epiphany!