Apparel Bizarre

When we first learned that Prince worked out an exclusive distribution deal with Target, we had no idea it would inspire this much Photoshop foolery. This comes to us via a tweet heard 'round the world last night. We're not sure where this "haute mess" originated, but we're certain it's not from Target's website. Besides, even Prince is done with wearing Clown Couture at this stage in his career. Peep the original image after the bounce along with the full mock.



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  1. That is hilarious!!!!!!
    Somebody put a little time into their Photoshop'ping' didn't they?

  2. I hate you for bringing this in my world.

  3. ROFL, this made my cruddy day 110% better by seeing this foolery...someone obviously has a lot of time on their hands
    And LOL @ "get Prince style at pauper prices

  4. Pirate blouses at Tar-zhey, bidges!!!
    You can play ball in them! Then make pancakes!

  5. This looks like an ad for International Male.

  6. Photoshop win for the guy on the right!
    *DEAD* at "Briefs & Stockings.

  7. between the fur-trimmed coats and the assless pants, i'm cryin' over here...

  8. Even gay dudes are like " I wouldnt be caught dead in this shit" 🙂 I knew Prince was different but damn was he really rocking these outfits:-) this is some Barnum & Bailey gear..............

  9. Assless pants -> priceless, when is MTV doing a rerun of Princes shows of the 90's...bring it on. Get off ...23 positions in a one night stand....Get off...

  10. Now who is going to buy Prince's clothes except for the some of the guys in West Hollywood or OC. LMBAO!!!!

  11. i'm just glad there is no "Lovesexy" album cover outfit. y'all don't hear me.

  12. This has made my day lol!

  13. Those mannequins are creeping me out.

  14. Avatar

    bahaaaahahahaha... comical.. actually resembles Andre 3000's line... d'

  15. I think Prince is behind all of this LOL, it's him trying to sell all of his old ish, now that he's a Jehovah's witness and all.