Blu & Miss Jack Davey ‘Feel’ You Too, Baby

blu_jackdavey.jpgRemember way back in the day when it was truly possible for a rapper to show his softer side? And it drove the ladies absolutely wild? After LL Cool J's "I Need Love," came Slick Rick's "Teenage Love," Heavy D & The Boyz's "Don't You Know," and even De La Soul's "B.U.D.D.Y.," it was almost as if a song to satisfy the honey dips on a Hip Hop album was a prerequisite to getting some love from the ladies. But then again, those were the days when people actually slow danced and videos were not so---well---scandalous and inappropriate. All of this preface was necessary to explain my adoration for Blu & Miss Jack Davey's duet on LAUSD's "iFeel" from their album Curly Tops & Nautica Jackets dropping March 24th. Not only does this track drip with satisfying sexy sweetness, but it will make you yearn for the feeling that can only be duplicated when you are truly needing someone oh-so-special. It will also make you yearn for softer side of rappers, something not often seen these days. "I do need you baby," Miss Jack Davey croons after her and Blu playfully banter in the background. It may not be Summer yet, but it's definitely getting hot in here. Enjoy. [H/T: FS]

LAUSD feat. Blu & Miss Jack Davey: "iFeel"

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5 Responses

  1. Nice track. It has a nice feel to it. I'll def check out the album when it drops! I love the album title, takes me back to high school lol.

  2. this is one of them summer breezes joints right here.............

  3. all i have to do is see miss jack davey's name and i'm a moth to a flame - i freely admit to my obsession with her. excellent song - puts me in a "spring fever" type o' mood...

  4. I am steadily becoming fixated w/ Blu so anything he does I'm on it! Miss Jack Davey's vocals are a great complement too; this will be promptly downloaded =)
    (BTW, Blu's 'Herfavoritecolo(u)r.'= utter niceness!)

  5. Blu spittin': "Pipe dreams, I reach for daily/Stoned daisy, and daydream about bonin’ J*DaVeY” definitely made Jack Davey feel oh-so-special.
    hiphopmuse, you should check out the downloadable Curly Tops & Nautica Jackets sampler, especially for the track "Miss Donna Karan" performed by Dom Kennedy and Jack Davey's twin brother, Polyester the Saint. It'll definitely have you reminiscing about high school.


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