Charles Hamilton Fans, Meet Black Spade

We're not even going to bag on your boy Charles Hamilton, because the jury's still out on whether or not he's worth the bullet. However, this whole Black Spade beatjacking situation has inspired copious amounts of uckery-fay and reckless greasy talk that serves as a prime example of the World Wide Web's tendency towards bamma behavior. It's not even the unabashed pole-jocking of C.H. that bugs us (they're a fanbase for a reason), it's just the willful dismissal of a dope artist to the tune of "Who is Black Spade?" as if that ends the entire argument. Not to mention the notion that Spade is using C.H. to gain recognition. Comedy.

It's one thing to be born ignorant, but choosing ignorance is quite unsettling, especially in the age of GOOGLE. We're here to help you out, since arming you with the information means you'll have no more excuses.
Aside from the fact that Black Spade didn't become famous for behaving like a petulant child on the Internets, his music is exponentially better. Yet C.H. and his 10-year-old intelligentsia continue to talk more trash. Can someone please explain this phenomenon?
We don't even care at this point who stole what from whom (Sonic stole it). The point is, if you still trick yourself into believing that any of C.H.'s "catalogue" can dance in the shadows of Spade's shit, then you are clearly in possession of some of the finest crack cocaine in the Western Hemisphere. Put the pipe down.
Nicolay feat. Black Spade: "I Am The Man"

Black Spade: "As We"

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    I've heard about this and didn't pay it any mind, but its just as baffling as the comments were made about Phonte when he gave his opinion on Kanye a couple months back. Ppl who had probably never even thought about listening to one of his tracks were talking trash and try to discredit him just for the sake of doing so, which is one of my biggest pet peeves of all time. Support who you want to support, but at least make an intelligent, informed decision before you start bumpin those gums is all I'm sayin.

  2. As this whole thing has exploded, this post (and miss concrete jungle's excellent comment) are so necessary. As if not knowing Spade automatically makes the whole situation disappear.
    I would have totally ignored this silliness too, but it combined several things that got under my skin:
    - a dope artist not getting his proper due
    - violation of prime hip-hop tenets (NO BITING ALLOWED!!)
    - a young, stupid kid getting attention for acting reckless
    So for comedy's sake, please check out Rhymefest's videos. HI-LAR!

  3. On the surface, this seems unimportant but the blatant lack of integrity is exposed through Spade's effortless expression of truth. I know we're in the new age of internet, MySpace, etc. but the old standards remain - don't step to a real man wrong or you will get corrected with the quickness ESPECIALLY in the music game where cats are out here doing it grimey with little paper and all heart.
    I'm glad Spade cleared this up without breaking a sweat and as for Mr. Hamilton, he dodged a bullet as it could have gotten much, much worse. And I got a feeling that it will. . .

  4. miss concrete jungle said it right there in that post. excellent post. be informed about what your topic of discussion is before speaking.

  5. i already didn't dig Charles Hamilton, but this ordeal taught me everything i needed to know about what kind of person he is. Hamilton's actions point to (and provide further proof of) the "spoiled child syndrome" that so many of these brand-new rappers seem to have. it's this unwarranted and incredibly annoying sense of entitlement with a lot of these dudes. what have they really done to warrant all of this attitude? eff yo mixtape! have we really gotten to the point in music where a mixtape series (however successful) is looked at as a serious body of work? you got your chest poked out based off of blog buzz? clearly i'm not understanding something.
    i get no sense of connection to or understanding of hip-hop history with Charles Hamilton and the like. i don't even see a real work ethic. i guess it's more important to go around acting reckless, being disrespectful to other artists to the point of blatantly stealing beats and then lying about it, it's ridiculous! it seems to me that the desire to get your rep up, get on, make money, etc. overrides the "tenets" (as Stylus touched on). it's really disgusting to me.
    then you have people like Kid Cudi, being all lame and overly emotional, talking about how they're going to retire. i don't care if that was a joke, or you misspoke or whatever. you have to DO SOMETHING for some measurable amount of time in order to retire. when you have one tepid single and one major feature over one and a half years, you don't retire: you give up. call it what it is, my dude. saying you want to retire is an insult to the legends in the game who have have decades under their belts and probably wish they were still hot in the blogs and press as you.

  6. Amen!
    Couldn't agree more, Nova.
    I'm glad to see some other intelligent, logic-employing people see my point in all of this.
    But yes, Black Spade is a beast and he definitely deserves peoples' ear
    It just sucks that this is the way some people are hearing about him, but whatever - its still deserved all the same.
    Just to add on, I think my personal favorite Spade track would have to be "Evil Love":

  7. THANK YOU NOVA! As somebody who knows Spade, I can tell you the kat is real humble and don't need to ride nobody's coat tails. HE'S ALREADY GOT A DEAL. He's a musical genius and people need to recognize. I'm just sayin...