For The Jeeps: Supa Dupa Friends

supa dupaNot for nothing, but Missy and Timbaland are one of the most missed duos in Hip Hop, right up there with Dre and Snoop. Or Puffy and Mase. (Kidding!) As we patiently wait for the return of Missy (hopefully with Tim on deck), we've put together a selection of their most-loved works to hold you over. Aside from Missy's own classic singles, the two of them have penned and produced joints for Aaliyah, Total and SWV--all of which are included here for your listening pleasure and re-visitation. Although the style on display has been copied ad nauseum, nothing beats the original. Their past hits still sound as funky, fresh and futuristic as ever. Right-click the "download" link to save to your hard drive or left-click the "subscribe" link to launch iTunes and subscribe to this and succeeding episodes. Tracklist is after the bounce. Enjoy!

Supa Dupa Friends: Missy & Timbaland (Explicit) [download/subscribe]

  1. Aaliyah: "Hot Like Fire (Timbaland's Groove Mix)"
  2. Nicole feat. Missy Elliott & Mocha: "Make It Hot"
  3. SWV feat. Missy Elliott: "Can We"
  4. Missy Elliott feat. Big Boi & Nicole Wray: "All N My Grill"
  5. Missy Elliott feat. Lil' Kim & Mocha: "Hit Em Wit Da Hee (Remix)"
  6. Missy Elliott: "Get Ur Freak On"
  7. Total feat. Timbaland: "What About Us"
  8. Aaliyah feat. Missy Elliott: "If Your Girl Only Knew (Remix)"
  9. Missy Elliott feat. Jay-Z & Ludacris: "One Minute Man"
  10. Missy Elliott feat. Mike Jones: "Joy"
  11. Missy Elliott: "Work It"
  12. Timbaland feat. Missy Elliott: "Cop That Shit"
  13. Missy Elliott: "Pass That Dutch"
  14. Missy Elliott: "She's a Bitch"
  15. Missy Elliott: "I'm Really Hot"
  16. Missy Elliott feat. Ludacris: "Gossip Folks"
  17. Missy Elliott feat. Eve: "4 My People"
  18. Missy Elliott: "Lick Shots"
  19. Missy Elliott feat. 702 & Magoo: "Beep Me 911"
  20. Missy Elliott & Busta Rhymes: "Get Contact"
  21. Missy Elliott: "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)"
  22. Tweet feat. Missy Elliott: "Oops (Oh My)"
  23. Missy Elliott feat. Da Brat: "Sock It To Me"
  24. Missy Elliott feat. Nas, Eve & Q-Tip: "Hot Boyz (Remix)"

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  • Bree

    Wow. The two of them really redefined modern R&B of the 90s; makes me sooo nostalgic- i grew up with "Supa Dupa Fly", "Hot Boyz", etc. =)

  • mista_duval

    I'm feeling this one! They did make a good team. Good mix with this one.

  • heyhey

    Okay, did how did I go this long without hearing the "If Your Girl Only Knew" using a Portishead beat? Okay, it's probably sampled by PH from someone else, but that's what I know it from. Very nice.

  • dar

    "Beep Me 911" is an underrated classic--i'm glad you included it. this mix is beyonkers, nOva.

  • Lorin

    Thanks so much, these two are my fav dup from the 90s. so innovative.

  • sunny bunny

    amazing mix! missy & tim is the music of my childhood basically, they wrote so many classics. I'm waiting for Missy to finally release a straight R&B album! And maybe reunited with Timbo.

  • Ok so you have made my month with this!
    Missy & Tim are legends. This mix will be playing solidly on my iPod for weeks.

  • Tiffani

    This is crazy good. You tend to forget all of the jams they were responsible for. Love it.

  • Whoo a trip down memory lane... Got me reminiscing on the late 90s. I'm loving this. Another great mix nova.

  • Nelle

    GIVE THANXS! Hot like Fire!

  • miss concrete jungle

    To have such innovative styles, their music is so timeless..I'm on a flight out this evening, so this is soooo right on time.

  • They definitely were the 1-2 punch of 90's hip hop/r&b.

  • This...made my whole day. Shoot, this made my year...I'm gonna be bumpin this for a while. I grew up on this, Timbo and Missy are legends foreal. Much love, Nova.

  • oh my stars there are some youngins commenting taumbout "this is the music of my childhood!" I was a freshman in college when I first heard missy on gina thompson's shit. that was her first guest spot I believe? only the inclusion of that song could've made this any better. STELLAR mix, nova.

  • LE

    Thank you!

  • Nova, I heart you for this.


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