FULL DISCLOSURE: A Mary J. Blige Song I Hate

Congratulations to Mary J. Blige and her label for being cleared of stealing "Family Affair" from Leonard Jones and James White, who claimed the track was similar to their own "Party Ain't Crunk." As you all know, we ride for Mary here at SB, and she counts as one of my personal faves (she's in my Top 3). But is "Family Affair" really a song worth fighting over? When it comes to MJB albums, No More Drama is a stain--no--a scab on her cannon, and "Family Affair" with all that hateration/holleratin' foolishness is the most lyrically regressive single of her career. For an upbeat Mary track that celebrates life's blessings and leaves all the negative behind, "Just Fine" does the trick. Additionally, "Family Affair" simply does not age as well as, say, "Be Happy." Love you, Wilona, but here's hoping you never get "crunk" again.

Mary J. Blige: "Family Affair"

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12 Responses

  1. Don't need no hateration, holleration in this dancery...
    That line always kills me!

  2. NOVA- I thought I was the only one who hated that song?! Definitley one of my least fav MJB tunes.

  3. Come on .... Family Affair went pretty hard. That was the jam.
    Love MJB!

  4. I agree 100%-this was not one of my favs.

  5. definitely not one of my favorites. the track is good enough . . . but those fake-ass words really ruined the song for me. i think this pairing of Mary with a Dr. Dre beat felt kinda contrived. contrived and rushed.

  6. Soulrific, that line kills me as well. WORST.MJB.SONG.EVER.

  7. She had an album out called No More Drama?
    Does not compute.
    I shall file this away with the other tragic foolishness that I'm sure you'll write about tomorrow.

  8. This is definitely one of MJBs worst songs, and 'No More Drama' was probably her weakest album to date but i gotta admit when it was released (the single, not the album) i had it on constant repeat for a while .... until i actually listened to the words.

  9. That dancery line gets me every time too!!!

  10. I luved the video, with the salt and pepper hair. NMD was the first MJB LP I bought. While I could agree it is her weakest, MJB at her weakest is better than most of the folks today at their peak.
    Plus NMD is home to "Beautiful Day," one of my all-time favorite MJB songs. I do like FA, lol, I can't help it.-QH

  11. I have to agree that this was the worse Mary J. song ever. I didn't care for the song nor did I care for the video. It wasn't anything special about it at all.

  12. SB: do u know y geffen & MJB didnt prmoted GrowingPains cd? AFter JustFine MJB had the ipod ad 4 "WorkThat" & that was it. WT is such a powerful beautiful song, it shouda been an anthem bc its works BEAUTIFUL AND TRUE. BUut there was no promo.
    Y didnt geffen nor mjb prmote? What is kendu doing?
    In feb/maro8 a vid was releaed (w no promo)4 the song Stay Down. The vid is cRAP. It looks like leftovers from Neyon's SoSick vid.
    What happened? Why wasnt GP promoted?
    I know in mar/april MJB made millions on her "heart of city" tour. BUt dont have 2 pay back geffen for the cost of making the cd, payong songwriters, mixers, producers etc b4 she makes $? Another reason that I would think she'd want more songs from the cd 2 be out.


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