HipHop/SoulBounce: His Soulful Materials

hissoulfulmaterials.jpg The blend we present to you today is all about Soul samples. They've remained popular in Hip Hop for a reason--however they're reversed, sped-up, slowed-down, flipped, tweaked, or outright jacked--they provide a depth and texture. They also serve as a point of entry or discovery for a listener, depending on its obscurity. 

We know we've been hitting you with podcasts at lightspeed lately, but this one was simply too fly to sit on, especially since we've neglected our Hip Hop heads. Right-click the "download" link to save to your harddrive or left-click the "subscribe" link to launch iTunes and subscribe to this and succeeding episodes.

His Soulful Materials (Explicit) [download/subscribe]

  1. Common: "Testify"
  2. Jay-Z: "Girls, Girls, Girls II"
  3. Black Milk: "U" (feat. Ty & Kory)
  4. Elzhi: "Transitional Joint"
  5. Little Brother: "Watch Me"
  6. 88-Keys: "Cuddle Bums" (feat. Tanya Morgan)
  7. Ghostface: "Camay"
  8. Black Milk: "Try"
  9. Mos Def: "Ms. Fat Booty"
  10. Strange Fruit Project: "The Feeling"
  11. Blu & Exile: "Greater Love"
  12. Elzhi: "Love It Here"
  13. Thyrday: "United"
  14. Wale: "The Vacation From Ourselves"
  15. Jean Grae: "Fall Back"
  16. De La Soul: "Much More"
  17. J Dilla: "Two Can Win"
  18. The ARE: "So Far" (feat. Dem Damb Jacksons)
  19. Q-Tip: "Move"

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9 Responses

  1. For some reason the last two podcasts have not been coming up on itunes for me.....and I subscribed a long time ago. any suggestions?

  2. nevermind I got it.....

  3. Nice mix...would it appreciate it much if someone can hook me up with the original samples.

  4. the mix is mad official. much respect.

  5. I love this mix and you Nova! We are soooo on the same page. Thanks!

  6. Wow, this is really good. DLing now. Thank-you!!

  7. Avatar

    pure greatness..after reading your sampling article from yesterday, THIS is how it should always be done!

  8. I love the article. You mentioned that sampling is a way to expose younger listeners to music which they would have otherwise had no utility. This article would have been more effective to me if the names of the original artists were listed in conjunctinon with the artists/tracks that sampled the music. Are they listed anywhere else on the site?


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