J*DaVeY Take It ‘Slooow’ With Their New Video

I love J*DaVeY. I really do. And while I know this may bring out some irritance in their biggest stans, I'll say it anyway: their new video for "Slooow" is pretty boring. Sure Miss Jack Davey looks fierce as always and Brook De L'eau looks as aloof as always, but a red and blue changing background with Miss Davey spinning on a platform is not what I had in mind from this genre-breaking duo. I kind of would have also liked to see a new video for a song I haven't bumped for the past year, too, but I'm not going to end this on a rant. I know there's much more visually in store from this dynamic duo, and I can't wait to lay my eyes upon it.

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7 Responses

  1. I want to like them so much, but as my wife pointed out, most of their songs sound like Britney Spears. Her voice especially. Are we wrong?

  2. I guess they're going for a simple video that might be more accessible to the mainstream. Plus, I bet record labels are cutting back on video budgets due to the economy. Oh well, I hope they'll be able to release "No More" as a single. I want to own an EP with all the various arrangements they've done live.

  3. Not only is the video simple, but it's too dark! I can hardly see it on my work screen (which is 1995 monitor, but I digress.)

  4. I thought it was cool. Good to see that Jack is vibrant enough to hold attention with her movements, pls I liked the colors. Moody, and I can see how it aint for everybody, but I dug it. Sexy. Matched the song

  5. That was the worst song I have heard in awhile what were they thinking
    No she doesn't sound like britney hell britney doesn't even sound like britney but she sounds like a softer ciara or something the music though is kind of Britney which means it's sort of pharrell etc.

  6. I agree considering all that is going on in the production of that supa-bad ditty, the visuals DO NOT do it justice. Slooow is one of the best jams on the ep. While Miss Davey doesn't have the best pipes in the universe it's her writing, phrasing and attitude that carry most of their tunes. I liken this to what Britney(don't care for her) and Paula Abdul could sound like if they had skills.