Kanye Remixes Q-Tip & We ‘Love’ It

kanye-q-tip.jpgRegardless of how I may feel about Kanye West, and trust me when I say it is like loving a problem child who needs to be sent to boot camp, he invariably does something to remind me of why I still keep his music on my iPod. Just when Q-Tip's "We Fight/Love" was about to be relegated to the overplayed bin in my iTunes library comes Kanye's remix of the song featuring Consequence. Not only is The Jacksons' "Heartbreak Hotel" breakdown used to splendid effect, but the change is so organic that it seems as though it should have been there all along. 

Q-Tip feat. Kanye West & Consequence: "We Fight/Love (remix)"

[Photo: villageslum]

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7 Responses

  1. ahhh...the sample is a nice touch. i think The Cons steals the show here. the Plaxico line killed me.

  2. More like "WE" hate it. Some songs dont need to remixed, this being one of them.

  3. HATED IT!!! LOL

  4. I didn't hate it ... but I don't really need to hear it again. I agree with Stoney that this one didn't need a remix

  5. No thank you.

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