Kanye West Does Not Care About Poor People

kanye_west_gray.jpgBy now, most of you have seen at least one of the sneakers Kanye West has designed for Louis Vuitton. Now we have the news of other items in the product line, along with pricing information. What immediately comes to mind to me is, "I would not wear these sneakers if they were handing them out with a free tank of gas." I'm sorry! Maybe I'm just not a sneaker head like that, but these are some of the ugliest shoes I've ever seen. What's up with the all-white "Mr. Hudson" model--it appears to be some kind of hybrid deck shoe/sneaker. And let's talk about the colorways. A couple of these sneakers look more like they are made by Pastry. Even the more basic, solid-colored ones suffer, because every single one of these shoes has that invasive, mud flap-looking thing on the back. I can't let Kanye or the LV brand divert my attention away from the unattractiveness of these things. For real, if these same shoes were some Payless BOGO joints, we'd all be giving them the Aunt Esther side-eye. I swear to Chuck Taylor, these just ain't it.


Now the prices. Let's just keep it honest here. If I HAD in upwards of $1200 of disposable income, I couldn't justify buying any of these shoes. I could put a pretty dope wardrobe together with $1200. I could turn my swag on and keep it lit up for the entire year. $1200? American? Dude, we are in a recession. I'm a little bit older than the target market for these shoes, anyway. I'd be better off following Obama's steez and hollering at some J. Crew canvas joints, and saving myself like $1100 dollars. Aesthetically and financially, these sneakers are a bad look, especially for regular folk.

What say you? Are these fresh?


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  1. there pastry wanna be's...and get the fu@k outta here, 1200.00 american dollars, what has Kayne been smoking. these are the gotdam uglyiest shoes ever....ok

  2. Not buying it. His "personal brand" isn't so powerful that I'd rush out to buy these. Even people I know into expensive kicks don't want these.

  3. thank you for saying exactly what i have been thinking! them sneakers is mad fugly. label whore status only.

  4. As someone who has made it very clear that Kanye is not a person whose antics I choose to pay attention to AND as a sneaker head, I have to say that I actually like his sneakers. Not the one's that you've presented here, but others in this collection I thought were very nice.
    But let me be clear, paying upwards of anything close to or over a mortgage payment is something that certain people can afford. I think the real question is the same question posed to Michael Jordan back when his Nike sneakers debuted in the 1980's: What kind of message are you sending to children who would beg and boost their way into a pair of some neon pink soled sneaker eye sores? The numbers would be equally surprising and sad.
    Part of me believes that this is some ploy Kanye West [who jets sets with "aspiring" (read: nonexistent) model, lives in a minimalist-designed home, and is seriously studying the art of sketch design] is doing to be able to piss in the same pool with the other haute couture designers who have recently been paying him more attention. Anyone somewhat familiar to the antics of Karl Lagerfeld or Jean Paul Gauthier knows that these are the same antics that Kanye is taking to soaring new heights.
    In other words, these sneakers are a prop simply to increase his chances of being included into the company he so desperately wants to keep.
    Like most other megalomaniacs and two-year-olds, if you ignore them, they will stop from lack of attention. I implore us all to do the same 😉

  5. Kanye is blowin' in the wind.

  6. No real man wears pink shoes....Kanye is taking this metrosexual shit too far, tight clothes, pink shoes, he always acts like it's his time of the month....Yep Kanye is that homo thug rapper people have been hearing about:-)

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    I dont know personally I think kinda hot. But the price tag....(SMDH) All I can say is "SuttheranSuckaTash

  8. you KNOW you had me at 'aunt ester side-eye'. for reals. i have absolutely NO fashion taste and i'm not even sure if i see colors correctly, and i can tell these moon-boots some ugly-ass shoes! 'bout time someone called this fool out!

  9. Maybe Kanye knows that poor people aren't stupid enough to buy these shoes from the collection. I can see it now: poor people wearing them in the summer while Louis Vuitton is laughing. "rich" people wouldn't wear I think its all a joke to see how much money a poor person will spend on junk designed by a brotha that can do much better things with his time, though as intelligent as he is, maybe he just doesn't see the move he is making????

  10. Kanye West does not care about ashy lips either. Why do they match his coat, yo? FAIL.

  11. There is nothing about these shoes that peak my interest. And the fact that they are 1200 trips me out. If I have 1200 to spend on some Louis Vitton, I would buy that messenger bag that I have been wanting for like 4 years.

  12. @Butta, I think he was going for his best " I look like Sammie Davis Jr son" 🙂

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    #1 this post was hilarious..#2 I agree with ill mami that some of the other shoes in the collection (namely the all red ones) are cool, but these are all kinds of ugly. As much as it pained me, I started ignoring Kanye a long time ago, and he keeps making it easier and easier for me to do so.