‘Living the Life’ With Jermaine Dupri & Co.

jermaine_dupri_bw.jpgAs you may know, super-producer Jermaine Dupri has stepped up his new media game over the couple of years. He has his own YouTube channel, as well as his own website, Global 14. YouTube is where JD regularly gets it in with his "Ocean's 5" crew: Usher, songwriters/producers Bryan-Michael Cox and Johnta Austin and Dupri's hilarious assistant Tyrone who rounds out the five.

In most of the videos, we get to see Jermaine Dupri in action at his studio in Atlanta, and it often makes for some funny viewing. It's nice to see these guys in their element, clowning around and even making music on occasion (Day26, Monica and Usher himself have all been in the studio recently working on tracks). The videos are a nice, informal view into Dupri's world. I was quite pleased to discover that Johnta Austin is very personable, and often steals the show with his way with words (blame it on the alcohol). As you could imagine, the shop talk can get a little blue, so be advised that you are heading into NSFW territory.

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4 Responses

  1. Living the Life is such a guilty pleasure of mine. Johnta Austin is so handsome and ridiculously hilarious and Tyrone is funny and actually looks like he could be related to Usher.

  2. haha, i was hoping someone would feel me. i have to watch every single video. the most current one (with Johnta talking about C. Milian) had me about ready to pee on myself.

  3. While this might be an interesting thing for JD to get into, their most recent video in which the Oceans 5 crew makes fun of the Chris Brown and Rhianna issue as well as Christina Milian is one that is clearly full of some sad ignorance on the part of these gentlemen.
    They also clearly knew that it was upsetting because it was taken down from YouTub but all of its idiocy has been preserved.
    Check it out here:

  4. i disagree. while i feel that domestic violence (particularly violence against women) is not funny, i can't say that the principals here deserve a whole lot of sympathy at this point. the idea that they are back together and Chris Brown is out there fooling around and flexing on jet skis is not the PR move i would have imagined.
    this was a domestic violence incident that received global attention. of course, Chris Brown and Rihanna don't have anything to prove to outsiders, but you would think that they would at the very least attempt to use their story as a teaching opportunity for people out there, particularly young people. there are celebrities who have had lesser transgressions than this and have acted more sorrowfully and professionally during the aftermath, if only for the sake of their own selves! in my opinion, it is the two of them (especially Brown) who have made a mockery of their OWN situation (to say nothing of the legal ramifications, which are likely unraveling as we speak), so i feel it's fair game for people to comment however they like. i don't think what took place on the "Living the Life" clip was so outrageous. more so than anything, i believe they were speaking on how ridiculous this whole ordeal has become, and i believe a whole lot of other people stopped caring when they saw and heard the recent developments. whether that is right or wrong is debatable.


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