Maxwell Pens Passionate Letter To Fans, Implores You To Buy Prince & Sade

maxwell_bsn.JPGOne of the last few times we mentioned Maxwell on Soulbounce, we were a bit, howdoyousay, irritated. While we were in no way able to predict the economic downturn that this country has found itself in, we were amazed at the cost of ticket prices for what we heard was an amazing show. But it seems as though Maxwell has been in our heads, or least reading our words, the whole time. Not omnipotent nor omnipresent, although he seemed to be speaking like the musical god that he is, Maxwell recently penned a heartfelt letter to his fans via his Facebook fan page that made us pause and then fill with joy as though looking at the sweetest, cuddliest puppy in the whole wide world. 

The highlights of the letter include such mots d'amour as,  

i'm not the best and i think even less of my contribution to music than my confidence sometimes betrays..i know its been a long time. countless updates on various pages; false starts and empty promises. even i get frustrated with myself...people are mercurial and my droplet is nothing compared to the oceans of you that see what you wish and perceive what you will.

Well, since you put it that way, we'll forgive you a little bit more, Maxwell, darling. Despite his ethereal phrasing, he does give up something substantive: 

pretty wings the video is set to be filmed.
the album, pre summer and the world tour. 
this summer into the summer of 2010. 
we're going everywhere. details to follow. 
thank you for waiting,


Then he urges all of us to buy Prince's new albums and says that a new Sade is coming out and that it is "monolithic." Ladies and gents, if there's one way to a woman's heart, it's mastery of the English language. "Monolithic?" "Mercurial?" "Oceans of you?" Gasp! Swoon! And a new Sade album? Please someone hold me up, for I may need a fainting couch. In one fell swoop I may have just gone from being angry to being immersed in love just like it was from the very first moment I laid my ears on you. Thank you, Maxwell. That was the best love letter an artist I have never met has written to his fans in a very long time. And this is why we all keep patiently waiting, ever faithful, ever hopeful.

Maxwell: A Letter To The Listener [PB]

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12 Responses

  1. New Sade and Maxwell? Its too good to be true.

  2. Avatar

    This is great! thanks for the news! this had to be my favorite update on an artist to date.

  3. This made my day! *cheesing so hard right now*

  4. I LOVE MAXWELL. A video for Pretty Wings??? *dies happy* I can't wait to see it!

  5. Wow. This is great. I knew about the Prince albums, but the Sade? I' ve been waiting for years. Thanks for the great news.

  6. Thank you for this. It's kinda hard to keep up with Max.

  7. Wheb is HIS album coming out. That's what that nigglet need to be talkin about!!!

  8. Love me some him.......really!

  9. Love Maxwell, Sade and Prince. Can't wait for new music from them all. I'm cheesin' big time.

  10. I read on rronline about the new Sade c.d coming in Sept 09 Thank you Maxwell for the confirmation.

  11. Irritated or mad at MAX? Are you kidding? Perfection and creativity take time...I'll wait till the end of time for this man, never having but love and respect for my MAX.....

  12. love maxwell..and always will....Can't wait to see the pretty wings video...and ehmmm the album....